Park Avenue Trail, Arches National Park – splendidly divine

Park Avenue Trail in Arches National Park, Bud Walley photo, Department of Interior image

From Interior’s Facebook feed: The massive sandstone monoliths along Park Avenue Trail at Arches National Park in Utah have imaginative and descriptive names. You won’t regret this easy one-mile hike. Where else can you walk in the shadows of the Tower of Babel, the Organ, the Three Gossips and Sheep Rock? Photo by Bud Walley ( — at Arches National Park.

And a reminder that Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee and Texas’s Sen. Ted Cruz think this land should be developed. Want a condo on that cliff?

I’d prefer to hike it. I’d prefer to know it’s there, available for hiking without development, even when I can’t hike it.

It’s your public land. You get to use it, undeveloped, or you don’t get to use it if the land is developed. We still have a voice, and time to speak.

4 Responses to Park Avenue Trail, Arches National Park – splendidly divine

  1. I think you’ve seen a few of my others. I love tramping there, and in Canyonlands. Need to rent a Jeep sometime and do the Maze; I’ve never been on the west side.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Much different than usual view of Delicate Arch! Thanks!


  3. Not Park Avenue, but a park icon, from different than normal angle:


  4. Oh, I agree! I had not heard about this but it does not surprise me that one of our Texas senators would support it!


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