Fly your flag today, Presidents Day 2019

A flag in Dallas, Texas.

Of course you’re already flying your flag today, for Presidents Day 2019.

Presidents Day is that hybrid holiday designed to create a three-day weekend, and consolidate previous practices of having two holidays, one on Lincoln’s birthday on February 12, and another on Washington’s birthday on February 22 (Gregorian, or New Calendar).

February 2019 marks the third year in a row the U.S. is without a functioning president, but we celebrate the day anyway.


4 Responses to Fly your flag today, Presidents Day 2019

  1. Jenny says:

    Three years without a functioning president – indeed! Not a fan of hybrid holidays, anyway.

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    That struggle over whether to make Washington’s Birthday a holiday, and whether to add in Lincoln’s, was part of the driving argument for Presidents Day. Especially in the South and in the states that seceded during the Civil War, Lincoln’s Birthday was not honored as a holiday. Larger cities in the northern industrial belt tended to honor Washington with a holiday, but Lincoln with commemorations that didn’t cut out a day of work.

    What I remember is that both days were a big deal in elementary schools, because there was so much that could be done with construction paper, re-enactments, and lessons around the lives of the two men.


  3. If my memory is correct, when I was a kid we remembered Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12 and George Washington on Feb. 22. The schools had special programs on those days, but we definitely were in school. No holiday, unlike today.


  4. Yes, we will celebrate President’s Day anyway! Better luck in the future.


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