Out of hibernation?

Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson, via Reedsy. I miss this strip fiercely.

No, I didn’t take a vacation through May and June. Well, we did spend a few days on a trip to a graduation at the University of Arkansas, and to hunt diamonds, but that’s no excuse.

Haven’t posted a lot lately. Working to do better.

In the meantime, remember to fly your flag today, Idaho residents, for Idaho Statehood Day. And remember to post the colors tomorrow, for Kathryn’s birthday the 4th of July.

When Gerald Ford told the nation in an evening broadcast in August 1974, “Our long, national nightmare is over,” many of us realized we’d been through hell the previous couple of years, and didn’t know it. Now, we know it’s hell every day. God give us another Gerald Ford moment like that, soon.

(I’ll fly the flag for Kathryn’s birthday, too; you don’t have to.)

Peanuts, by Charles Shulz, via Broken Biro. I miss Peanuts, too.

4 Responses to Out of hibernation?

  1. Ellie says:

    Welcome back! I do long for the morning I wake up and do not feel compelled to say, “What fresh hell is this?”


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Found no diamonds. Got a lot of sun.

    Reading the fine print of a guide available at the Crater of Diamonds (but not online that I have found), I learn that visitors annually get
    “600 diamonds.” Less than two a day. They don’t tell you that in advance.


  3. Sometimes I feel as if this nightmare will never be over. Now we have a militarized and politicized Fourth of July celebration on the way.

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  4. Welcome back! Yes, may we have that Gerald Ford moment soon. I hope you found some diamonds. Have a safe July 4 – there will be lots of flags out.

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