Zen moment: Once-feral cat sleeping peacefully

Her name is Xena. Born in New York City, now residing in Dallas, Texas.

On Twitter, this photo is, “Once-feral cat sleeping, totally at ease and fearing no predator.”

Xena came to us a couple years ago, rescued from the alleys of New York City by our daughter-in-law and our son. A small cat abandoned by her mother, she was preyed upon by every tomcat and larger cat in the neighborhood.

When the cat rescuers brought her in, got her doctored up and neutered, she refused to go back outside. So she was transplanted.

Now she sleeps peacefully, doesn’t fight for food — often shares. She provides great companionship for the humans here, too.

4 Responses to Zen moment: Once-feral cat sleeping peacefully

  1. Jenine says:

    What a good thing to be able to provide. I love this story.
    We adopted a shelter cat 3 weeks ago and he’s filling out but still pretty spooky. Hope abides.


  2. Ellie says:

    Your cat is lovely and looks like she is really enjoying that sunny spot.

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  3. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s very gratifying, but sometimes difficult. We have another feral cat who we finally coaxed indoors after years outside, during the freeze last year. She’s not trusting yet. Can’t pick her up. It’ll be a while.


  4. So sweet! It is amazing how feral cats can be tamed down and learn to enjoy the good life. Ours have always been strays and they made the best friends. Good for your son, daughter-in-law and your family!

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