DDT gone from Bangladesh?

Bangladesh said they have gotten rid of DDT and residuals in the nation, a singular achievement in pollution control.

Interesting claim; good news that even one site was cleaned up. Because these international sources tend to disappear from the web in my experience, here is the full text of the story, from IANS, who say they are India’s largest independent news organization.

Photo of a garbage dump in Bangladesh, probably a stock photo. From IANSLive news service.


Dhaka, Jan 9 (IANS) Bangladesh has been declared free from dangerous Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane pesticide, commonly known as DDT pesticide.

Bangladeshi Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister, Md. Shahab Uddin made the announcement at a press conference on Sunday.

The press briefing came after Bangladesh’s successful removal of 500 tons of DDT from a medical sub-depot in Chattogram city, nearly 242 km southeast of the capital Dhaka, in December 2022.

According to the World Health Organisation, DDT is a persistent organic pollutant (POP), a chemical that can have significant negative effects on both human health and the environment, Xinhua news agency reported.

Bangladesh imported 500 metric tons (500,000 kg) of the pesticide in 1985 to control malaria-carrying mosquitos. Upon arrival, it was put into a government compound in the Agrabad district in Chattogram city. Over the years, many of the boxes and bags have disintegrated, leaving exposed piles of the white DDT powder.

In 1991, Bangladesh imposed a DDT ban, but the huge consignment remained.

Under a project titled “Pesticide Risk Reduction in Bangladesh,” the toxic substance was completely exported to France for incineration, according to the Ministry.


Update: 09-January-2023


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