Typewriter of the moment: Linowriter

April 4, 2008

Linowriter, in the collection of International Printing Museum, Carson, CA

This curious machine is in the collection of the International Museum of Printing in Carson, California. I’ve never been to the museum myself.

The museum’s website describes the machine:

Linowriter, Circa 1920

This typewriter with a linotype keyboard arrangement was sold by the Empire Typefoundry, Buffalo. Very few of these machines were made and today their exact purpose is obscure. Possibly this kind of typewriter was intended for the small newspaper office where the editorial staff also operated the linotype.
(9.5 inches high)

The Linotype machine was the device that mechanically set the type to print the newspaper, generally a very large, noisy machine that mechanically assembled lead slugs of letters, and then cast a lead plate that could be used to print the page.

I wonder:  Do you know of any linotype machines still in use?

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