More Buck Snort

July 18, 2006

In tracking down the origins of the name of Buck Snort, Tennessee, I have learned two things.

First, there is a Bucksnort, Arkansas. I have no details on that locality.

Second, there is a family named Pamplin who claims to have the skinny on the name. Their story is it was named after their Uncle Buck, sorta:

Bucksnort, Tennessee, got its name from William (“Buck”) Pamplin, a brother of McCager Armpstead Pamplin, my father’s father. Before the Civil War, William owned and lived on the site that later became Bucksnort.

It was like this: William loved whiskey. He would get soused to the ears with the sweet, smelly stuff, and when he did, he would roar and snort till everyone around heard him. They would say: “Just listen to Buck snort.” His snorting became so frequent and the comment was made so often, that the neighbors soon found themselves running the last two words together, thus the place was called Bucksnort.

In the course of time, a post office was needed. The Government wanted to know what name the community wished to be known by. Since William still owned and lived on the site, and since he still kept up his snorting, the neighbors and near-by farmers decided on Bucksnort. It was approved by the Government and the first post office and surrounding community became Bucksnort.

I note they spell the town as one word, while it was two words on the I-40 Exit 152 sign.

The town also appears to be a favorite of Russ Ringsak, one of the writers for Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion. See here, and here.

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