Boston 1775

July 27, 2006

I added a link to a lively blog, to the blogroll (Faucets of information) on the side: Boston 1775. The blog’s author, J. L. Bell, tends to provide the interesting details that tip the scale towards understanding, especially on the motivations of the people of Boston at in the key year of 1775.

To the great benefit of his readers he strays a bit outside of 1775 on occasion. Bell is an active, practicing historian, something a lot of high school kids never see.  1775 was a key year, with the British occupying Boston and the American rebel forces laying siege to the city — all before the Declaration of Independence.

Take a look. Especially see his recent post, Marginalizing rhetoric, in which he explores what makes people regard Sam Adams as a “radical” when he was actually a very conservative man; and George Washington’s signing statements, in which he explores the views of our first president on an issue that vexes many today.

Good historians make history come alive in our minds. Bell does that well, and you would do well to check out his site. I plan to check it out frequently.

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