News about teacher pay

October 5, 2006

Last week Texas voters in Texarkana approved a pay raise for local teachers, according to the Texarkana Gazette.

Louisiana’s recent $1,500 annual teacher pay increase gets a ringing endorsement from Lafayette’s Daily Advertiser. In the editorial, the board lamented the poor ranking Louisiana has for teacher pay among all the states, and among states in the southern region, and said:

Such rankings have cost us good, experienced teachers who moved to other states to earn a decent living. They also have kept many bright young people from entering the teaching profession. It is more than coincidence that in conjunction with trailing Southern states in funding for education, Louisiana has led them in population loss. Through the years, the pitiful national ranking has convinced companies considering locating here that education is not a high priority in Louisiana.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune spotlights the controversy over raising teacher pay in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District, with the story of an experienced teacher simply unable to make ends meet while living in that district. While the teacher pay levels are about double those in Louisiana, the costs of living around Lake Tahoe are much higher, too.

Teacher pay continues to be a national problem, one district at a time.

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