Carnival of Bad History #11

Yes, it’s called “Carnival of Bad History,” but it’s really dedicated to smoking out, and smoking, bad history.  It’s rather in the spirit in which this blog got started, to straighten out the bent and crooked stories of history that lead away from the truth (which is almost always much, much more interesting).

So go see the latest, Carnival of Bad History No. 11, over at Philobiblon — a blog by a journalist named Natalie Bennett.

There is an interesting skew to non-U.S. material in this version.  U.S.-ophiles will be left pondering this post on “unknown” Islam in America prior to the current era, however.   World history and world geography teachers will find sources on Stonehenge in this post, lamenting a Goose & Grimm cartoon.

Go check it out.

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