How to hoist the flags today

June 10, 2007

U.S. and Alaska flags

Several correspondents asked how to know how the flag is to be posted on any given day. Especially during the 30-day period of mourning for President Gerald Ford, requests rolled in.

Other than checking through the White House website every day, I hadn’t found a good way to know.

Then I stumbled on this site at the office of the Governor of Alaska. Gov. Sarah Palin’s office lists “Current Status of the Flags,” telling what to do with Alaska’s flag and the national flag. Now, this won’t help you with unscheduled state events if you’re “outside” but it will keep you posted on what to do with the U.S. flag, so long as Gov. Palin keeps it updated.

Do other offices offer a similar service? Let me know if you find one.

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