National History Day finalists posted

If you’re in the Washington, D.C., area, get on over to the University of Maryland tonight for the junior performance and documentary finals, or tomorrow morning for the senior performance and documentary finals of the National History Day competitions.

Finalists, and their scheduled project presentations, are listed here at the National History Day site.  Winners will be announced Thursday evening.

A few of the entries in the junior, individual performance category suggest just how good high school historians can be:

  • Is the Night too Dark?
  • The Triumph and Tragedy of the Ohio Canal System
  • Freedom from Fear: Triumphing over the Tragedy of Polio
  • They Called Her Tokyo Rose: The Tragedy and Triumph of Iva Toguri
  • Turning Tragedy into Triumph: The Fight to Eradicate Poliomyelitis
  • Douglas MacArthur and Harry Truman: Changing Perceptions of Their Triumphs and Tragedies
  • Philippines
  • Taking the Lid Off a National Scandal: Teapot Dome and the Politics of Power
  • Play Ball! A Triumph for Women Begins Amidst the Tragedy of World War II
  • “Deterred But Not Defeated:” The Duluth Tragedy and Triumph Over Racial Hatred
  • The Color of Blood: The Tragic Effect of Racial Barriers on Dr. Charles R. Drew’s Triumphant Innovations
  • One Woman’s Voice From the Oregon Trail: Abigail Scott Duniway’s Traumatic Journey and Triumphant Fight for Women’s Suffrage in the New Frontier
  • Operation Dynamo: Transforming Tragedy to Triumph on the Beaches of Dunkirk
  • Hershey’s Bittersweet Legacy

In that list is two semesters’ worth of enrichment for any classroom.

The National History Day webcast is also scheduled for Thursday, but I’m not sure when.

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