August 9, 1945: Nagasaki, Japan

Continuing the week of contemplation of atomic bombs: Remember today is the anniversary of the destruction of Nagasaki, with a U.S. atomic bomb.

Nagasaki after the atomic bomb -

Japan surrendered unconditionally a short while later. See the earlier posts for more links.

Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall - Architectural Record

Top photo: Nagasaki after the bomb. Bottom photo, Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall, photo by Toshio Kaneko, Architectural Record.

6 Responses to August 9, 1945: Nagasaki, Japan

  1. onlycrook says:

    I watched *Fog of War* three times this summer, and the most striking thing for me was learning about the fire bombing of Tokyo even before the atomic bombs were dropped. It made me realize how ignorant I am about World War II, even though I probably know more about some parts of the war than many people do. I feel overwhelmingly ignorant about the Pacific Theater.

    I had a roommate in college who was from a town near Hiroshima. She told me that her grandfather was one of many people who helped in the aftermath, and her most vivid memory was of him talking about pulling dead bodies from the rivers.


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