Which cartoons won the 2007 Lurie Awards?

The United Nations Correspondents Association was scheduled to announce awards, including the Ranan Lurie Cartoon Awards for 2007, at a dinner on December 7.

I find nothing about the awards anywhere — does somebody have, or has somebody found, a list of the 2007 winners, preferably with a gallery of the cartoons?

(C’mon, New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC — where is the news on this? Cagle?)

2 Responses to Which cartoons won the 2007 Lurie Awards?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I dropped a line to the UN Correspondents Association. They responded that the awards were made, but they want me to hear it from Lurie.

    What does that mean? It may take them a while to get the stuff into digital format. I don’t know. I am very interested in seeing them, and I hope they’re available soon.


  2. mpb says:

    Don’t see the Lurie prize.

    “On Friday Evening, 7 December 2007, in the Delegates Dining Room, United Nations Headquarters, New York, the UN Correspondents Association hosts its Twelfth Annual Awards Dinner.

    UNCA Awards include the $10,000 Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize for written media (including online media), the $10,000 Ricardo Ortega Memorial Prize for broadcast journalism, and the $10,000 United Nations Foundation prize for any entry in any medium that best covers the humanitarian and development aspects of the U.N. and its agencies.

    The awards are made possible by the generous support of the U.N. Foundation, Antena 3 TV of Spain, The Boston Globe, and UNCA itself.

    Secretary General Ban Ki Moon will present prizes at the UNCA Awards Dinner at UN Headquarters in New York to the following list of winners:

    UN Foundation Prize for Coverage of Development Issues:

    (Gold) – Lazaro Mabunda – O Pais – Mozambique – $10,000

    (Silver) – Shakuntala Perera – Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka – $1,000

    Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Award for Best UN Coverage:

    (Gold) – Opheera McDoom – Reuters – Sudan – $5,000

    (Gold) – Maggie Farley – LA Times – USA – Joint $5,000

    (Gold) – Edmund Sanders – LA Times – USA – Joint $5,000

    (Silver) – Godwin Nnanna – Businessday – Nigeria – $1,000

    Ricardo Ortega Prize:

    (Gold) – Cairo Bureau – NHK – Japan – $10,000

    (Silver) – Martin Semukanya – Channel Africa – South Africa – $1,000

    Special Honorable Mention:

    (Gold) – Talal Al-Haj – Producer – Al-Arabiya”


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