Crazy? Don’t insult the real Tin Hats, please!

Okay, we can’t say we’re “Fisking” stuff anymore, since Fisk turned out to be mostly right. And now, we may have to retire all of our clever epithets about tinfoil hats. It’s pretty close to “Tin Hats,” and that tends to especially insult Tin Hats, and especially-especially insult the Memorable Order of the Tin Hats (MOTH).

It’s appropriate, so close to Armed Forces Day (May 17), to do something to help out MOTH, as it is an organization dedicated to preserving the fraternité developed by soldiers. One British soldier, craving to keep hold of that camraderie born of desperation and peril, founded MOTH in Africa in the 1930s.

So, henceforth, we’ll make sure there’s a clear distinction between Tin Hats and the wearers of hats of tinfoil.

How came they to be called Tin Hats? Those helmets, you know — like tin!

WWI Doughboy, Montrose NY sculpture garden

Photo: Sculpture of a World War I soldier in a tin hat, from the Montrose, New York, sculpture garden.

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