NY story: More money = better schools, better tests

Headlines across New York this morning shout about improved test scores, especially in reading and math, almost across the board. Scores are up in the “troubled” schools of New York City (and in the less-mentioned untroubled schools), scores are up in Buffalo. The news is so universally good that some are worried about statistical goofs, or cheating.

And while most economists with the possible exception of Milton Friedman would think it’s not news, some people point out that scores are up in poorer districts that got more money for educational programs.

At a news conference in Albany, the state education commissioner, Richard P. Mills, called the results “encouraging and exciting,” saying they were evidence that the state’s emphasis on giving more money to poorer school districts and focusing on high standards was successful. “The schools have delivered,” he said. (New York Times)

The War on Education continues unabated, however. The headline in the New York Daily News: “State math and reading exam scores released; critics question improvements.”

A beleaguered parent commented at the Daily News site:

our children are forced to do homework over weekends, Christmas vacation, winter break, spring break, etc. to prepare for these tests – their scores are up because they’ve worked hard all year!

If we’re wise, we’ll applaud the students and teachers, and we’ll wait for a lot more analysis. NYC Educator? JD2718? Is this good news for teachers in New York? Good news from teachers?

Update, June 26: NYC Educator takes note, “Test Scores Explode Statewide.”  JD2718, “Integrated Algebra Conversion Chart, Later Today.” Also:

Other notes and resources:

2 Responses to NY story: More money = better schools, better tests

  1. NYC Educator says:

    If the results are up statewide, and Mayor Bloomberg’s “reforms” are citywide, that’s a fairly clear indication that, whatever the validity of these tests may be, his “reforms” played no part whatsoever. In Mr. Bloomberg’s New York, “accountability” means blaming unionized working people for absolutely everything. Whenever anything good happens, that’s because of “reforms” that hurt working people. It’s a fairly predictable pattern, though it absolutely defies logic.


  2. jd2718 says:

    I suspect unreliability, but there are people who spend much more time pulling this stuff apart. here’s one of them.



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