Smithsonian on origins of evolution theory

June 9, 2008

Smithsonian’s June issue features a story on the origins of evolution theory in the public eye, focusing not just on Darwin and Wallace, but also on the history of the idea as they found it, before they discovered the mechanism that makes the theory hold together and bind biology into a real science:  “On the Origin of a Theory.”

World history, western civilization and U.S. history teachers may want to keep a copy of the article — in U.S. history, for the Scopes trial section (or paragraph, depending on how science and philosophy friendly your text is).

Also, the article features a photo of Darwin not usually seen, from the Library of Congress Archives.

Darwin, Library of Congress (Smithsonian magazine June 2008)

Meanwhile, back at the DDT manufacturing plant . . .

June 9, 2008

Don’t breathe the air, don’t eat the eggs.  Life next door to a DDT plant in India.

In case you were wondering where nations that want to use DDT might find some, now that it’s not being made in the U.S.

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