Government spending

The Pentagon is spending about $6 billion a month on the war in Iraq, or about $200 million a day, according to the CBO [Congressional Budget Office]. That is about the same as the gross domestic product of Nigeria.

By Martin Wolk
Chief economics correspondent

2 Responses to Government spending

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I wondered, also — the comparison seems to be valid on a daily, monthly or annual basis, for about 2003. That is, we spent in Iraq daily what the daily GDP of Nigeria was, same for monthly and annual.

    Here’s a list of Nigeria’s GDP — oddly a difficult figure to find — according to Air Ninja’s site — they claim they got it from the CIA Factbook.

    Purchasing Power Parity
    Year GDP
    2007 $292.7 billion
    2006 $188.5 billion
    2005 $175.5 billion
    2004 $125.7 billion
    2003 $114.8 billion
    2002 $112.5 billion
    2001 $105.9 billion
    2000 $117.0 billion
    1999 $110.5 billion

    Source: CIA World Factbook

    The CIA Factbook on Nigeria lists the “current exchange rate” GDP for Nigeria in 2007 at $166.8 billion.


  2. wintermute says:

    Is it the monthly or daily amount that’s the same as Nigeria’s GDP?


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