A Texas riddle indeed: Why is McLeroy hanging with creationists?

Here’s the post from über creationist Ken Ham’s site, in its entirety:

A Texas Riddle

Last week, AiG speaker Mike Riddle did a series of talks in Brenham, Texas. On the first day, Mike did four different sessions for 1st–6th graders. He usually speaks to young people on topics like “The Riddle of the Dinosaurs,” AiG’s well-known “7C’s of History,” and fossils.


On the next day, Mike did four special sessions for teachers. Each presentation was geared to help instructors be better prepared to teach origins in the public schools. In addition to speaking on what creationists believe, he spoke on understanding presuppositions and assumptions in the origins debate–and using critical thinking skills. Mike also had the opportunity to meet with the Chairman of the Texas State School Board, Don McLeroy (a biblical creationist), and gave presentations to an open audience at the Brenham High School auditorium.


Mike and Don McLeroy (Chairman, Texas State School Board)

“Special sessions for teachers?” Oy vey.

1. I’ll wager, if those were real, public school teachers, they were given continuing education credits for attending. That would be illegal, especially if Riddle did not preface his presentations with a legal disclaimer that what he urges is contrary to Texas science standards and contrary to the Constitution. Want to wager whether he did?

2. What’s McLeroy doing there? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to maintain antiseptic separation from such controversial stuff? They fire people from the TEA for attending sessions that are legal and support the Texas standards. What sort of Quisling action is this on McLeroy’s part?

3. Is Rick Perry watching? The state’s legal fees will rise dramatically as a result of this kind of bad judgment at the SBOE. Can Texas taxpayers afford this?

4. Why does Don McLeroy hate Texas’s smarter, college-bound children so?

It takes a particular form of chutzpah to stand idly by while qualified science teachers are fired from the state’s education agency for promoting science, and then go cavort with creationists. It may not be cowardice exactly, but courage is its antonym.

4 Responses to A Texas riddle indeed: Why is McLeroy hanging with creationists?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Students need to be aware of evolution. If they know the theory, the problems of intelligent design should be obvious.

    I can’t think of a good reason to instruct in intelligent design. There is no theory, the conjecture is scientifically vapid, and it’s theologically problematic.


  2. Jim Johnson says:

    Isn’t it good for students to be aware of intelligent design, so they know how to respond to it. Students and teachers should be aware of it–otherwise students are not being taught how to think–they are being taught what to think.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    May I assume you’re already a member of both Texas Citizens for Science and the Texas Freedom Network, Bob?


  4. Bob says:

    So for the nice people who aren’t cursed with Leininger-purchased YECs on their state boards of education, what advice can you give us poor Texans on how to tar, feather, and run out of town on a rail the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, embarrassments to Homo Erectus embodied by Don McLeroy and the other 6-8 anti-reality reps on the Texas SBOE?

    Often the entire state is tarred by smug commenters as being a pack of retards and while on average that may be true, promoting that stereotype is not helpful. A lot of Texans want to be freed from the dominionist YEC nutjobs but don’t have the money and organization of James Leininger, Bob Perry, or John Hagee. Aside from hiring a few patsies with hunting rifles, what’s the solution? Move to somewhere less retarded aka dust off and nuke it from orbit?


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