Road trip!

A bit unexpectedly, I’m in the wilds of Wisconsin at the moment and on the road the next couple of days.  Posting is likely to be sparse.

But the American open road is, as always, very interesting.

For example, according to the billboards, somewhere in Wisconsin there is a restaurant named Brisco’s (after Brisco County, Texas?), which claims to feature cuisine (a French word) of a “southwestern” flavor.  What does that mean?

Their billboard features a Wyoming-style cowboy, a saguaro cactus (from 800 miles south of Wyoming) in front of Delicate Arch, the signature arch of Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah, (well out of cattle company and still at least 400 miles from saguaro country).  Only on a billboard in Wisconsin . . .

3 Responses to Road trip!

  1. […] caretaker Ed Darrell hit the road recently to Wisconsin, where I was born and raised. Chronicling his travels, he writes: . . . the American open road is, as always, very […]


  2. I believe it means that English is a very adaptable language. In addition to being a French word, cuisine is a centuries-old English word borrowed from French. If we were to apply words to concepts only in line with those words’ language origins, we wouldn’t be able to refer to English grammar (as the word grammar is of Old French and ultimately Latin origin) or even to the English language (again, from Latin and brought to us by the French). Nor, for that matter, would we have my favorite Muppet, the Swedish chef.

    Meantime, enjoy your travels through Wisconsin, my native state. Yes, I’m a natural-born fromage-head..


  3. zhoen says:

    American fusion.


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