Robert Reich: Prophet? Or just a very good observer?

Is Robert Reich a prophet, an economic and employment Jonah sent to Nineveh-on-the-Potomac?

Read Reich’s remarks, about the economics conditions of most Americans, including people in Pennsylvania, and Barack Obama’s observation that some people left behind by our economy are bitter.

Especially read the final three paragraphs, where he warns we are headed into even more turbulent economic waters.

Now notice the date of that piece.

What is your definition of “prophet?”

4 Responses to Robert Reich: Prophet? Or just a very good observer?

  1. QrazyQat says:

    My rightwing step-daughter didn’t like Obama’s “bitter” remarks and said so in an email to us where the bulk of the email was complaining about how the economy had screwed them over. Sounded bitter to me.

    She also thought Hillary should be apologetic about Whitewater. Big Glenn Beck fan.


  2. Liam says:

    In my religion class as a kid the teacher defined a prophet not as someone who predicts the future but someone who “tells it like it is.” That is, someone who observes the truth and speaks the truth that no one really wants to hear. So in that sense a “very good observer” is a prophet.


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