Sore, suckered loser

One of the sites suckered in by the Obama/Las Vegas/Pledge hoax keeps insisting he’s really taking the high road when he spreads calumny against the president, against teachers, and against the flag.

So when it became clear that there is no corroboration for the wild claims against teachers and the schools of Clark County School District (Nevada), the site’s ruling masked man, Ronin (see his avatar) claimed the story was really about “idol worship” of Obama gone awry.

I called him to task, he went all Dembski and Uncommon Descent on us.  No, that’s not fair — he’s worse than Dembski.  In a hoax, he has put my name on his own profane remarks, replacing what I actually said that he cannot respond to.  Do we need any further evidence that these guys are trying to perpetrate hoaxes against Obama and teachers?

Obama’s opponents lack all honor, it appears.

5 Responses to Sore, suckered loser

  1. NYC Educator says:

    I can certainly imagine people attacking any Democratic President for any reason, or indeed no reason. Were this not happening, Fox would’ve closed its doors long ago. And having followed education news for years, particularly here in NY, I have to say that teacher-bashing is nothing new either. We’re the last bastion of really vibrant unionism in the country,and there’s nothing the now-failed neocons would like better than to see us crash and burn. Just in the last week I read an article suggesting the city could solve it’s budget woes by dismissing its highest paid teachers, a la Circuit City.

    And look how that’s worked out for Circuit City.


  2. James says:

    I was more disturbed with the reaction to public school in general. I fail to see how homeschooling can be any sort of a solution to ANY public school problem.

    It’s a shame about that impersonation.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Tangled Up In Blue Guy left a comment at that blog — and it got deleted completely.

    If your hoax is exposed, you certainly can’t let someone talk about it at your blog, I guess.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    It was interesting to see how the general, and really rather undramatic incidents around Bibles in German was translated into that story on “The Waltons.” The screenplay made several points on education, information and the First Amendment and press freedom. More neat than reality — a dramatic solution in 60 minutes.


  5. Akira says:

    Re Millard Fillmore Groupie:

    “It’s reminiscent of the Americans who decided, upon the rise of Hitler, to burn books in German in retaliation for the Nazis’ pyres. Eventually somone noticed that in much of America, the only books in German were Bibles.”

    The Waltons, “The Fire Storm”, 1976.10.21:

    John-Boy is so determined to show the community what Hitler is up to that he decides to print exerpts from Mein Kampf in his newspaper, despite the protests of Reverend Fordwick. When Fordwick’s news about John-Boy’s plans get around, people withhold advertising from the paper, and rocks are thrown through the shed’s windows.

    John-Boy is horrified when Mrs. Brimmer tells him her own husband was persecuted for being a German during World War I, begging him not to tell anyone. John-Boy is further discouraged when his first print run of papers with the excerpts is destroyed and Ike refuses to sell copies.

    When the family is threatened, John must ask his son to remove the press from the property.

    Erin loses a beauty contest and blames John-Boy, and things come to a head when Reverend Fordwick arranges for a burning of German books just like the Germans burned books in Europe.

    An angry John-Boy explains his motives for printing the excerpts—to warn the local people about the threat in Europe—and then spies a book on the to-be-burned pile that gives him pause. He asks if anyone in the crowd knows German and Mrs. Brimmer courageously comes forward to read from the volume: it turns out it is a German Bible.

    It is only then they understand.


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