Wits, not bombs: North Korea, U.S.S. Pueblo, continued

Is it time?  Is there any chance we could bring the Pueblo home?

Regular readers here probably know of my admiration for the resistance put up against North Korea (NPRK) by the captive crew of the U.S.S. Pueblo during their 11 months’ imprisonment in 1968.

In a recent comment to a post I did back in 2006, a reader named Bob Liskey offered an interesting, and rational way by which NPRK could demonstrate lasting good faith in negotiations with the U.S., especially over the state of their energy generation and nuclear weapons production:

We made every effort to avoid the catastrophe of a second Korean War and the use of nuclear weapons such a war. Much better and saner than a RAMBO approach.

At this point in time, I would like to see the OBAMA administration suggest to NK that if they really want to improve and normalize relations with the USA then they ought to return the USS PUEBLO as a clear intent to improve and normalize relations. I would like to see the USS PUEBLO returned to the USA and docked at SAN DIEGO as a memorial to the crew and DUAYNE HODGES and those who undertake secret and dangerous missions on behalf of the USA.

Mr. Liskey offered several other chunks of history of the incidents in 1968 you may want to read, including just how close we were to the brink of using nuclear weapons to retaliate against NPRK, an issue that is not much discussed elsewhere, I think.  Interesting reading.

What’s Bill Richardson doing this week?  Since he’s not on track to be Secretary of Commerce, maybe we could borrow him to establish a pillar of world peace in North Korea, instead?

Mr. President?  Sec. Clinton?  Do you ever drop down into the Bathtub?  What about Bob Liskey’s suggestion?

3 Responses to Wits, not bombs: North Korea, U.S.S. Pueblo, continued

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Jan, I’m sorry, but I have no contact with any of these heroes.

    If any reader happens to know any of these people, especially Bob Liskey, would you be so kind as to alert him that Jan wishes to say hey?


  2. Jan Harris says:

    See above


  3. Jan Harris says:

    I, myself was stationed in Korea during the Blue House and the Pueblo Capture in 1967. I was attatched to J-2 Division (down the hall from Bob Liskey) as he has reported. I contacted him many years ago via E-mail and would just like to say Hi again and thanks for all he has done. If you can forward this to him I would appreciate it.


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