Unintentional climate change humor at the Washington Post

Despite the woes afflicing the daily press, The Washington Post still makes space for humor, even on its opposite-editorial page.  Here’s a humorous piece on cap-and-trade legislation to fight climate change, published I would guess with an eye to the date of July 14, the anniversary of Bastille Day.  Is it unintentional humor?

Unemployed?  Let ’em eat airplane-hunted caribou soaked in petroleum, eh, Sarah?

Palin’s piece doesn’t ramble as much as her press conference on quitting the governor’s chair, but it makes about an equal amount of sense.  While whining that the current legislative proposal is the wrong way to go, Palin doesn’t hint at what might be the right way to go to reduce air pollution, help prevent global warming, and keep energy available.

Churchill noted that democracy is the worst form of government ever devised by men, except, of course, for all the others.  Obama supports cap-and-trade legislation that is the worst thing we could do, except for anything else proposed, and especially except for doing nothing at all.


One Response to Unintentional climate change humor at the Washington Post

  1. mark says:

    Maryland State workers used to get the day off to celebrate “Defenders Day,” September 12th. I guess the holiday actually celebrated the larger actions in the vicinity of Baltimore, including the Battle of North Point.


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