Use of evidence in science: Homeopathy and nutritionists take a laughable hit

Dara O’Briain?  Never heard of him before.

But he’s spot on here, isn’t he?

(Warning:  Not exactly safe for work or school — the “f” word is spoken aloud.]

An ironic tip of the old scrub brush to Gandolf, in comments at Dunamis Word, in an otherwise futile discussion with creationists who claim to have an ounce of rationality left in them.

3 Responses to Use of evidence in science: Homeopathy and nutritionists take a laughable hit

  1. Gandolf says:

    Dara had me in fits of laughter too, and i needed it. Russ Harvey doesnt care,he even admitted it. If im wrong, i never lost he said. Its become just a job to him i think maybe.

    Ed you have all sorts of excellent information on here. Whats going to be the best way to deal with these people who get worried by ideas we evolved. Getting info to kids one of the best ways do you think so they learn. And some how get more publicity out there about what others like Harv do to try to stop it happening. Publicise how they often debate in riddles that revolve in circles.

    Seems fair….God knows why we owe them fairness though. Ethics like many of them seem to possess its hard to see them as any real role models.

    Striving for accuracy . . Excellent


  2. skepticat says:

    Dara’s a great comic. Have you seen “That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E”. Google it if you haven’t. It’s hilarious.


  3. Russ says:

    Hi Ed,

    I commend your patience while dealing with Harvey and his loyal Rottweiler, Laura, at Dunamis. Your analyses were right on, but alas, neither of them is willing to assess the data with an open mind. Notice that so much of what they had to say was termed in emotionalism and justified with erroneous quote mines, lies, misunderstandings, misrepresentations, misassessments of their own knowledge, and other forms of deceit.

    Harvey followed the same modus operandi on the DebunkingChristianity threads [], [] dealing with evolutionary theory before he sought out the safer environs of his own blog.

    It might be entertaining for you to skim some of Harvey’s insights at DC(I post over there as ‘Russ’) on the two threads I listed. I truly think Harvey is irremedial. At one point I noted to Harvey,

    Here, you attack people over a scientific discipline you are obviously completely ignorant of. Unfortunately, your religiously induced malignancy of ignorance is irremedial. You can never admit to being wrong. You can never admit that you don’t know. Trained experts, Christian or not, are wrong. You have abandoned the path to knowledge. By doing so, you have forever shackled yourself to ignorance, no doubt, for you, a self-satisfying and soothing ignorance. Your ignorance defines you, Harvey. Your mind is screwed up. You are no longer educable.

    After observing you, and those gallant others backing evolutionary theory, having the same silliness thrown your way, I feel that Harvey’s place among the intellectually lost is secure.

    All the best,


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