Happy birthday, Kenny

You know the story.  April Fools’ babies are always surprises.

Even more than a couple of decades later, they surprise and delight.

We’ll meet for dinner tonight, Kenny, Kathryn, Kenny’s grandfather Ken and I — but it’s a Scout function, and I get a spotlight there.  Is there a better testament to how good a kid is than his giving up his birthday evening for his old man?

He was down from Plano last night, quick pick-up dinner and early gifts, which made him smile.  And that made me smile.

Happy birthday, Kenny.  Many more together, I hope.

2 Responses to Happy birthday, Kenny

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  2. Lew Robinson says:

    Please have someone contact regarding paper collection. I would just as soon see the BSA get the money for paper than others.
    Please call
    me at 603-934-4800 or my cell at 603-5343.
    Thank you,
    Lew Robinson


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