Benson courts controversy: Obama’s political resurrection

When he interned for our office, he was such a clean-cut, return-missionary sort of guy.  Steve Benson’s cartoons continually push the envelope for what is acceptable in an editorial cartoon, not exactly what I had come to expect from his early work with conservatives.  A welcome surprise.

This one was probably quite controversial in Phoenix, don’t you think?

Steve Benson in the Arizona Republic, on the Affordable Care Act and President Obama, April 2, 2010

Steve Benson in the Arizona Republic, on the Affordable Care Act and President Obama, April 2, 2010

22 Responses to Benson courts controversy: Obama’s political resurrection

  1. Nick Kelsier says:

    Oh and by the way, Chris. Calling someone by “Pervetman” instead of their real last name “Olbermann” is just a sign of a little child throwing a tantrum.

    Oh and next time you want to talk about Kennedy’s alleged affairs…do bother to remember these names “Sanford” and “Ensign.” Oh and “Gingrich.” Oh and my personal favorite, that being “Ryan.” As in the former husband of the actress Jeri Ryan. That husband also being “Former Republican Congressman Ryan” who wanted to have sex with his wife in front of others…in a sex club.

    Though Gingrich divorcing his first wife while she was in the hospital while simtaneously sleeping with his secretary is a close second.

    A certain political party shouldn’t be so worried about the sexual morality of others when that party has had the largest share of immoral sexual actions going on in the last 10+ years. It’s rather…oh what’s the word……oh yeah…hypocritical. But then that is what your party does best.


  2. Nick Kelsier says:

    If you think it’s so despicable to compare Obama to Jesus, Chris, then surely you think it’s equally despicable to compare Obama to Satan and the antichrist?

    Your side has spent the last year being anti everything. None of your side has spent any time saying what they’re they’d fix the actual problems facing this country. Noone on your side has given any real fix for the health care crisis in this country. Your side has done nothing but preach fear, hatred and tell lie after lie. While marching so far to the right that it’s coming perilously close to being just this side of fascism. Hell your side has even started preaching that nullification nonsense and flirting with treason with calls for secession.

    Your side might win an election that way. Hell you might even win Congress or the Presidency.

    But since your side has no answers the second your side gets back in power is the second the people are going to find out your side is still the miserable failure it was in 2006 and 2008. And it will remember what miserable failures your party was for most of the last decade.


  3. Nick Kelsier says:

    If the cartoon was meant to be serious it would be in poor taste.

    It’s a cartoon and it’s meant to be a joke.

    Apparently some need a sense of humor.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    In this particular case, the first comment was made by me regarding this comic of Obama being compared to Jesus.

    Here’s the problem: Benson’s cartoon isn’t comparing Obama to Jesus.

    Did you miss the health care debate? You missed the Republicans’ crowing about how they’d kill Obama’s presidency? See the comments about Sen. Demint here, for example.


  5. […]      In this particular case, the first comment was made by me regarding this comic of Obama being compared to Jesus. All my comment said was simply, “That’s extremely disgusting.” But that small […]


  6. Chris Graham says:

    no* stone unturned, not “one.”


  7. Nick Kelsier says:

    Chris writes:
    want to know if you’re aware of how many terorrists were actually waterboarded at GITMO. Having Rachel Maddow or Keith Pervertman from MSDNC “report” on water boarding, hypnotizing you about how America is so evil, you’d think it was hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians that we waterboarded. Well, the actual number was six. Six terrorists were waterboarded.

    It doesn’t matter how many people were waterboarded, it’s that happened at all. Your claim is like saying it’s only murder if you kill more then one person.

    I have yet to hear Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow say the United States is evil.

    However I have heard plenty of conservatives buy into the notion that the United States has never done anything wrong ever ever ever in history. You want to difference between patriotism and nationalism, Chris? It’s this: A patriot loves his country but recognizes and acknowledges its mistakes when it makes them. A nationalist claims to love his country but pretends that country never makes mistakes.

    Or to put this another way..conservatives love America like how a 4 year old loves his mother: Mother is perfect, mother can do no wrong, mother is perfect, mother is the most beautiful mother in the world, anyone who says one bad thing about mother must be attacked.

    I have also heard plenty of conservatives saying that Obama is evil, that he’s the antichrist, and all that. Flip side of the same coin don’t you think?
    Your side of the political fence sacrificed the moral standing of this country for, as you say…less then six people.

    And as for my offer, it still stands. If you want to claim that waterboarding isn’t torture then put yourself through it. Because saying that they deserved it because they’re monsters still only lowers yourself to that same level. After all..that’s what they say about us. That we deserve death because we’re monsters. That our troops deserve torture because they’re evil.

    You and your fellow right wingers surrendered to the people that attacked us. You gave them exactly what they wanted…to become the “evil people” they run around claiming we are. You and your fellow people on the right gave up. You let them win. Because what makes us better then what you and your fellows tossed away. You and your precious Republicans gave them the greatest recruiting tool they could have ever had.

    Waterboarding is torture. If we prosecuted other people for doing it 60 years ago then how exactly did you lose your morality long enough to think that what was torture then is something else now? And it’s what they expected us to do. Do you think they’d thought we wouldn’t mistreat them? THat’s what they expect and your side gave them exactly that. And you think that’s a good thing? Doing the worst thing to them would have been doing, not what they expect, but what they don’t expect. Meaning capturing them, putting them on trial, finding them guilty and sticking them in maximum security for the rest of their miserable lives. And it would have shown to the world that we abide by the principles we claim and that we are better then the monsters who attacked us.

    Your side loves to claim this country is better then the rest. Then that means, Chris, that we have to act better then the rest. Else the claim means nothing. Your side loves to claim it’s so much more moral then the Democrats. And yet your side continously acts like morally depraved jackasses and all in the name of fear and terror run amuck.

    THe terrorists wanted to make us afraid. They wanted us to surrender our principles. And your side did exactly what they wanted.

    And yet there you sit defending it.

    ANd I have yet to hear Obama describe this country as evil. There you go with that 4 year old’s love of his mother again.

    And as for your claim about unemployment..thats rather shot down by the fact that your party was the one in power when unemployment started rising and the economy crashed.

    And when did Obama bar you from using the term “radical Islam” and as for the rest of your “evidence” it’s either youtube which since I can post a video on youtube calling Bush a martian which means it isn’t evidence or it’s right wing blogs.

    Try again with something credible.
    Criticizing this country when it does something wrong isn’t calling this country evil. Nor is it anti-American. It’s the height of patriotism.

    Oh and as for your claim about how liberals have so stretched the meaning of the word “torture” that it’s become meaningless…if you replaced “liberals” with “conservatives” and “torture” with the word “socialism” you’d have actually said something true.

    Again, if it was torture 60 years’s torture now. And nothing you say changes that fact. it doesn’t matter if it was 1 person or thousands…it’s still torture.

    you accuse John Kennedy of not having much morality and being a terrible human being. You make Kennedy look like a saint. And Bush and Cheney make Kennedy look like an archangel.

    Oh and by the way, Spike Lee wasn’t claiming that Obama is Jesus. He was referring to the fact that before Obama we never had a non-white president and we’ve had one. That certainly did change things…if only because the Republicans went insane because of it.


  8. Ed Darrell says:

    Here are some other non-examples for you . . .

    Okay, I gave up after eight examples. I didn’t find any examples of Democrats or Obama supporters referring to him as a messiah. I saw a lot of conservative blogger snark making the claim, but nothing from Dems. Spike Lee’s claiming that the election of Obama would be historic isn’t support for your claim.

    We have here a serious problem of judging the value of information, and its origins. You can’t regard Obamessiah as anything other than a parody site, I think. And yet, you regard it as gospel. Weird.


  9. Ed Darrell says:

    I want to know if you’re aware of how many terorrists were actually waterboarded at GITMO. Having Rachel Maddow or Keith Pervertman from MSDNC “report” on water boarding, hypnotizing you about how America is so evil, you’d think it was hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians that we waterboarded. Well, the actual number was six. Six terrorists were waterboarded.

    So, we sacrificed America’s honor for only six people? How can you possibly justify that?

    (I don’t give a lot of credibility to the number of six, partly because the number kept changing for so many months, from zero to two, to three, to six; and partly because at least two of the people underwent the torture hundreds of times.)

    Once was too many.

    Then there was the disclosure that we got the technique from a Korean War-era document captured from China. So we know it’s a China-style torture, and as flag-waving Americans, we know it’s the sort of tactic we should never use.

    Plus, the Chinese document said that that tactic was useful only for extracting false confessions. The torture doesn’t get good information, it was designed to make the victim admit to things he did not commit.

    Stupid tactic, designed to frustrate good investigation, required us to give up our moral authority in the world. Why bother?


  10. Chris Graham says:

       Whoo, a lot of stuff to respond to! I really hate, hate, hate spending so much time in comments. I know I don’t make it easy on myself by bringing extra topics into the discussion, but I can’t help it. I opened this up for myself, though, so below I have given my best shot at closing it. Whether or not I’ve done this to each of your satisfaction, I don’t know. Just know that this is my last time coming here; everything I’ve written below took about four hours to write (freakin’ HTML, plus I had to clean cat pee in the middle of writing it, plus I try to be thorough). I’m fairly certain I’ve not left one stone unturned. I believe I’ve been as thorough as I can, so any further comments from me after this one will probably just be repetitive. So have fun with this, guys:


       I want to know if you’re aware of how many terorrists were actually waterboarded at GITMO. Having Rachel Maddow or Keith Pervertman from MSDNC “report” on water boarding, hypnotizing you about how America is so evil, you’d think it was hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilians that we waterboarded. Well, the actual number was six. Six terrorists were waterboarded. Six blood-thirsty, psychopathic, “death to America,” radical Islamic terrorists were scared into thinking they were drowning. Boo-fuckin’-hoo. And you know what? They would not have done the same to us, oh, no. They would have literally tortured us. Have you ever seen them perform a beheading on an American? It’s enough to make you turn into a fight-for-America Conservative, I’ll tell you that much. It’s slow, it’s of course painful (unlike waterboarding), and it takes quite a surprising amount of time to saw through all that skin and spine. And the real downside is that it kills you, obviously. An American general (not Bush) ordering that we pour water on a terrorist’s face, causing him to gag, is nothing more than a spit in the face when compared to what that terrorist would have done to us if he had the chance. Only a goddamn liberal can turn a terrorist into a victim.

       Now, Nick Kelsier, you said you’d donate $500 to the GOP if I volunteer myself to be waterboarded. Is that right? For one thing, I’m an innocent human being. The six monsters that were waterboarded–terrorists–were not innocent human beings. Your comparison of a terrorist to an average American is infuriating. But how about this: if I volunteer to be waterboarded, you give $500 dollars to the charity or organization of my choice. Sound good? I don’t want to donate anything to the Republicans because Republican doesn’t mean conservative. I’m a Conservative, not a Republican. I know there is no harm at all in waterboarding; it’s uncomfortable, sure, and it’s scary, no doubt–but completely, 100% safe. I’d be an idiot not to accept $500 to go through brief fear and discomfort. (And as much as I dislike John McCain’s politics, God bless him for willing to go through another five years of actual torture, like having his teeth pulled out, without someone paying him $500, just because the Vietnamese refused to let his comrades go before they let him go. No liberal would ever have such honor and principle as to voluntarily be tortured for years just to stand up for his friends.)

       And sure, in some respects you could say waterboarding is “torture.” But a liberal is so quick to call anything that’s unpleasant “torture” that they have really made it a near-meaningless word. Just like the word “racist.” “Racist” has lost its meaning now. The accusatory shouts of “racist, racist!” hold just about as much water nowadays as does the Nobel Peace Prize. And just as you could argue that waterboarding is torture because of its unpleasantries, you could also argue that it’s not torture, since, you know, it’s 100% safe. Would I like to be waterboarded? No; I don’t like unpleasant things. But for $500 dollars? Bring it on! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the guys of Jackass submit themselves to waterboarding in the upcoming third movie, actually. They’ve done worse things to themselves.

       I’m reminded of a bumper sticker I saw. It said, “Obama Justice: It’s okay to murder the unborn, but don’t EVER waterboard a terrorist.” This liberal viewpoint (and don’t deny it’s a common liberal viewpoint) is a testament to how every society gradually deteriorates in terms of its (their?) stance on right and wrong. In the end, right will be wrong and wrong will be right, as has happened again and again in the past. We’re reaching the pinnacle of evil in this society. When it can’t get any worse is when America will fall and need to be rebuilt again.

       Nick, you say that “torture doesn’t provide good intel.” Oh. Remember when Obama made public some of the top secret reports on what happened at GITMO, thus giving information to the enemy regarding our technique? Okay, and remember how, when he did this, he only released half of the information? And remember when Dick Cheney told Obama to release the rest of the report, but Obama refused? Do you know why Obama refused? The second half of the report showed that because we used waterboarding on the terrorists, we got information out of them and were able to prevent two more attacks on America! One in Los Angeles, and one on the Brooklyn Bridge. Cheney basically said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Go ahead, Obama. Since you’re releasing top secret information to the public, including to any terrorists who care to check it out on the Internet, go ahead and show America the rest of the documents that prove we prevented two more attacks because of waterboarding. Go ahead.” But Obama didn’t; he wants us to keep believing that America was evil until he came into town. Isn’t it strange? It’s obvious smearing on Obama’s part. It’s obvious he knows Bush prevented two more attacks, and he knows the public would appreciate Bush again if they knew about that. Because Obama is a softy and a pushover when it comes to tyrants, he knows the public will see these two prevented attacks as a reason to not trust Obama on national security, since, after all, Obama’s method is the exact opposite of the already tested and proven method. But in your opinion, information that we used in order to prevent two more terrorist attacks on America doesn’t count as “good intel.” Okay.

       Nick: “[Torture] creates more terrorists.” No, releasing terrorist from GITMO who go back to Afghanistan to rejoin al-Qaeda creates more terrorists. Hooray, Obama!

       “Quite a few people who we’ve detained have been proven to not be terrorists.” But the six killers we waterboarded were, so stop whining.

       “We prosecuted Germans and Japanese after WW2 for waterboarding.” Now that’s an interesting thing to say, Nick. But something tells me we didn’t prosecute Germans and Japanese simply because of waterboarding. I’m thinking it was because, oh, I don’t know, the Germans and Japanese were literally trying to take over the world? Just a hunch. But hey, just for kicks, let’s go along with what you say:

       You say Nazis and the Japanese tortured Americans. Even though you’re a lefty, I’m going to assume you do not approve of this. You would probably want them to be prosecuted for it, right? Well, me too. After all, they were the bad guys of WWII. We Americans were the good guys (or one of the good guys). Let’s look at this very carefully: If a bad guy does something bad to a good guy–even something as mild and harmless as waterboarding–it should absolutely not be tolerated. If, however, a good guy does something bad (yet harmless) to a bad guy in order to gather information in an attempt to potentially save thousands of good-guy lives–what’s wrong with that? You’re saying that bad guys (Nazis) tortured good guys (Americans) and got prosecuted for it (as they should have), and then you’re complaining that good guys (Americans) tortured bad guys (terrorists, America’s enemy), and that we’re wrong to do that. One sec….

       …is this mic on?….

       …Terrorists are not your friends! Terrorists are bad! Americans are your friends! Americans, good! Terrorists, bad! Nazis, bad! Americans, good!

       See, the thing with analogies is that they have to be analogous. Your analogy of Nazis harming Americans to Americans harming terrorists is not analogous. Analogy = failure.

       However, I do like that you see the similarities between the current US government and those of North Korea, Russia, China, and Cuba. Socialism unites us all, right?

       Oh, and I’ll also have you know I don’t have a “fat mouth.” I have a fat head–I’ll give you that–but no, not a fat mouth.


       “[This comic] is a play on a popular religious idea,” says blueollie. Yes, I’m aware of that. It is yet another example of Obama being compared to the Messiah. It’s very, very creepy. Then blueollie says, “…To their [religious people’s] credit, I don’t think that the fundies will bomb this guy’s office (though they’ll shoot up a reproductive-services center or two).” Have you seen a liberal riot? Burning dumpsters, broken storefront windows, riot police having to be called out with bulletproof shields? Yeah, I think you can stop talking now.


       The only reason job losses have slowed down recently is because of the tens of thousands of government jobs being created, including the 2010 Census workers. Also, it’s common to see employment pick up in the spring season. You know this whole “9.7% unemployment” we’re being told to enjoy? It’s misleading. They don’t count the people whose unemployment benefits have expired. They remove those people from the unemployment count, even though they’re still unemployed. If you count those people, and if you count the people who are suck working part-time and the people who have totally given up looking for jobs, who the government also doesn’t count, the actual unemployment number is 17%. In the first year of the Great Depression, that number was 16%. Before Obama signed the stimulus bill, he and the other Dems projected that if he signed it, unemployment would not go any higher than 8%; but that if he did not sign it, unemployment would reach 9%. Not only was every economist across America saying “WTF,” but unemployment reached 10%! Obama signed the spending bill, and then unemployment went above what he said it would if he didn’t sign it! In other words, if Obama hadn’t intervened by putting his hands in our pockets, more people would currently have jobs, and that’s according to Obama’s and the Dem’s own projections.

       That some of the stocks are rising is completely irrelevant; from Eric Singer of Investor’s Business Daily:

       While the stock market has been buoyant over the last several weeks, small businesses, the heart of U.S. job creation, remain extremely gloomy.

       April’s survey of the National Federation of Independent Businesses shows deep pessimism among small-business owners with the “Optimism Index” showing readings under 90 for the 18th consecutive month.

       The NFIB calls this trend “unprecedented in survey history” and “not the picture of an economic expansion.”

       …The survey is an important leading indicator for economic recovery. At the bottom of the 1982 recession, a net 47% of small businesses indicated they planned to hire more people, and soon after the economy turned sharply up. Currently, a net negative 8% of businesses plan to increase hiring, suggesting the economy is not yet out of the woods despite the run-up in the stock market.

       Without a meaningful upturn in the small business jobs picture there will be no real economic recovery.

       Blueollie said this: “I am glad I am one of the 69.5 million who voted for him.” I bet those without government jobs are real pleased with your vote too.


       Back to Nick: “Curiously, I’ve heard no Democrats refer to Obama as a messiah or as God. Curiously, I’ve heard plenty of Republicans say that Democrats think he is.” Aside from people acting like he’s their personal Lord and Savior, MSDNC’s Chris Matthews likened Obama to God.” I could be wrong, but isn’t Chris Matthews a Democrat? Curious. Very curious.

       Here are some other non-examples for you:

         Here isn’t an exmaple.
         All hail the God King!
         From Louis Farrakhan: “Barack Obama, to me, is a herald of the Messiah.” “When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”
         “We just like to say his name. We are considering taking it as a mantra.” “At one point, I thought Barack was going to rise up over the people and start saying, ‘My children, my children, I have come to free you!'”
         Director Spike Lee, on what would happen if Obama became president: “It will change everything….You’ll have to measure time by ‘Before Obama’ and ‘After Obama.'”
         “Our American Prayer” for Barack Obama.
         Elementary school teacher makes kids say The Pledge of Allegiance with large image of Obama’s expressionless, staring face projected onto the wall next to the American flag. After the Pledge, the teacher turns off the projected Obama image.
         A video of elementary school kids singing about Obama’s “glory” and about how we need to “serve him,” but the video has been completely removed from the Internet. But you can still read about it on many sites.
         Teenagers at the Urban Community Leadership Academy chanting militantly about Obama being the “Alpha” and “Omega.”
         Obama be thy name.
         “No one saw him coming, and Christians believe God comes at us from strange angles and places we don’t expect, like Jesus being born in a manger.” “Lord, we have again come to you in prayer, and you have heard our cries from heaven, and you have sent us again from the state called Illinois, a man called Barack to heal our land.”
         Hear our cry, Obama! Deliver us, Obama!
         A lovely photo.
         Oh, hey, look! Another one!
         Statue of Obama riding on a donkey, complete with palm fronds, representing when Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. I’m sure a conservative made this statue, though, no?
         Newsweek editor Evan Thomas about Obama: “He’s sort of God.”
         Artwork of Obama on a cross with a crown of thorns, crying blood.
         Obama greater than Jesus.
         Obama, God of the universe, Protector of Earth
         More beautiful artwork.
         Those who seek shall find him.
         And again.
         From the Associated Press, a huge painting of Obama making his body in the shape of a cross and wearing a crown of thorns. That’s still not a comparison to Jesus, though, right?

         Oh, hey! Cool! Obama even changed the official United States seal to include the Holy Obama symbol in one of his speeches! Such a humble, modest, pro-American man.
         And countless more. Take your pick.
         Is that enough for you? Can I stop?

         (And as a side note to Nick, no, I wasn’t referring to Obama’s addressing school children. I was referring to one of the links I gave you in the list above, though there are actually a few examples in there for you. Hopefully you click on each and every one of them, being an “open-minded liberal” and all.)

    Ronald Reagan

       Ed Darrell, you complained about the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. Thanks for the links. The first link actually doesn’t work, but the second one states the purpose of the organization:

    “In recognition of President Reagan’s leadership role in the defeat of communism, the Project also seeks to honor his memory in formerly communist countries.”

       Gee whiz, that’s just terrible.

       You want me to name something Reagan did wrong? Why? If I think he didn’t do anything wrong, does that mean I think he is Jesus incarnate? If I can’t name anything wrong, does that mean I don’t think he did anything wrong, or does that mean I just can’t remember anything he did wrong? I’m curious what grand conclusion you hope to make based on my answer to this question. If I’m going to be honest, though, I should say that I only started to become politically active in 2008, when I was finally allowed to vote. (You elitists can go have your fun with that.) Since then, of course, I’ve read about the events in the past, and the consensus is pretty clear, even to many (not most, but many) liberals: Reagan was a success. Did he have some failures? I have no doubt. Can I name them? Nope. I’m sure you can, though, and I’m sure they’re only half correct. But whether I can or can’t name his failures does not mean I can’t admit he probably had them. (I think they call that an “open mind,” but I’m not sure.) And whether I can or can’t name his failures does not mean you’re not kind of an ass.


       Whoops, I referred to “radical Islam” earlier in this comment! I forgot that Obama has officially declared we’re no longer allowed to use that term. Oh, crap, and I used the bad word “terrorist,” another word Obama has banned. Unless you’re aiming the word at peaceful conservative protesters, of course; only then can you say the word “terrorist.” Please don’t report me to the White House website!


  11. Ed Darrell says:

    And no one treats Reagan like God.

    Um, I think Ronald Reagan is about the only one treated like a god. He’s the only president every to have a group of people formally organize to name stuff after him, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project.

    He’s the only one who ever needed such pushing, I suppose.


  12. Nick Kelsier says:

    Ill make you a deal, Chris.

    If you agree to be waterboarded by an expert and you go through with it and you do so and you come out of it still saying it’s not torture, I’ll donate 500 dollars to the GOP.

    Oh and you’ll have to provide verifiable proof, of course.

    Until you’re willing to put your money…or rather your body where your fat mouth is what you say about torture doesn’t mean a thing. So come on, lets see if you have the courage to live by your convictions


  13. blueollie says:

    I found it to be hilarious! Sure, it is a play on a popular religious idea, and to their credit, I don’t think that the fundies will bomb this guy’s office (though they’ll shoot up a reproductive services center or two).

    As far as the idea: I really didn’t think that he was as far down as many others did. As far as “damage”: job losses slowed and stopped and now we have a rebound; stocks are back up over 11,000 and some signs are looking better and better.

    Frankly, I think that the President is doing very well and I am glad that I am one of the 69.5 million who voted for him.


  14. Nick Kelsier says:

    Oh and curiously I’ve heard no Democrats refer to Obama as a messiah or as god. Curiously I’ve heard plenty of Republicans say that Democrats think he is. But really that’s not the same thing.

    And as for “worship songs” or whatever you can provide the evidence for it right?


  15. Nick Kelsier says:

    First off, torturing terrorists doesn’t provide good intel. Secondly, it only creates more terrorist. Thirdly, it renders us to the same level morally as the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Cuba and every other lesser country.

    Fourthly and I repeat…it doesn’t provide good intel.

    Fiftly quite a few people who we’ve detained have been proven to not be terrorists.

    Sixthly..we prosecuted Germans and Japanese after WW2 for waterboarding. How is it that it was torture then but isn’t torture now?
    So what do you think you’re defending?

    Don’t play games you don’t have the intelligence to win.


  16. […] He is Risen!!! Really! And the Republicans are not happy about it…and probably some fundies aren’t either. […]


  17. Nick Kelsier says:

    Right…then lets play. Name one thing you think Reagan did wrong.

    And then you can explain how your party keeps on coming up with the idea of putting Reagan on Mount Rushmoore.

    and as for songs, if you’re referring to Obama’s address to school children…Reagan did it too. So did W.


  18. Chris Graham says:

    And no one treats Reagan like God. The media didn’t compare him to Jesus, people didn’t put halos on pictures of Reagan, people didn’t paint paintings of Reagan with heavenly light shining behind him as he held his body in the shape of a cross, nobody sang praise and worship songs to Reagan like they did with Obama, especially not indoctrinating little children in school by having them sing praise songs to Reagan like they did with Obama.


  19. Chris Graham says:

    Who said W. is infallible? I’m no fan of the man myself. And I don’t like McCain.

    Torture? Yeah, poor terrorists, being “tortured,” boo-hoo. We made blood-thirsty psychopaths THINK they were drowning, oh man, so harsh, so, so evil! Poor terrorists!, goodness golly!

    Obama is already worse than Bush. In Obama’s first five months, he already did more damage than Bush did in his entire eight years.


  20. Nick Kelsier says:

    Oh and before you make a silly assertion, Chris, no I don’t believe that Obama is a messiah or is infallible.

    I just think he’s better then Bush and certainly better then any of the wingnuts running around controlling the Republicans right now.

    Or to put this another way…I want my party back.


  21. Nick Kelsier says:

    Not any more disgusting then your side treating Reagan like God and believing that George W Bush was infallible.

    But if you really want disgusting then you really should hold up a mirror to your party for the last 8 years. Start with authorizing torture and end with advocating treason.


  22. Chris Graham says:

    That’s extremely disgusting.


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