Cynthia Dunbar’s sham marriage of God and politics

Tony Whitson’s Curricublog has a rather lengthy, and very troubling, post about Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar and her wilder gyrations on the issues of religion in education.  Go read it.  It’s got quotes, it’s got video, and if you don’t find it troubling you’re not paying attention.  There is an astounding smear of  Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution, and the principle of separation of state and church.

There’s a line usually attributed to Euripides, “Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad.”  That’s mad-crazy, not mad-angry.

What’s Dunbar done to upset the gods so?

4 Responses to Cynthia Dunbar’s sham marriage of God and politics

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Stay up there, Ellie. :-)


  2. Ellie says:

    Jim, that reaction in precisely why I am upset with friends who say, “I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’m a Christian these days.” We should be admitting it. We should be professing it. We should be shouting from the rooftops….OK, We Are Anglican and that would be akin to Moving About in Church, but you know what I mean. Let the world know we are here. Yes, we are Christians who don’t park our brains at the church door. We read, we study, we embrace scientific discovery. We know history, we are not ashamed of feeding God’s sheep in body and in mind. And we know that Liars For Jesus will be judged just as they have judged others. Were I in charge of judgment (and fortunately, I am not) I’m afraid I would judge Cynthia Dunbar much more harshly than I would judge Thomas Jefferson, whom she dislikes so heartily. Oops! There I am on my soapbox once again.


  3. Jim Stanley says:

    What amazes me, Ellie, is that the Christians you and I might respectfully disagree with don’t seem to register shock or outrage that we disagree. That comes when they discover that we, like them, are professing Christians.

    Nine times out of ten, they rant, foam at the mouth and start talking about demons or Satan “leading the elect astray in the latter days. Maybe one in ten times a right wing brother or sister in Christ will say, “Well, we disagree. But I’m glad we have faith in common.”

    It’s that visceral, “I have to change you or we’re all doomed to hell” reaction that troubles me most.


  4. Ellie says:

    I’m not even sure how to respond. I wish it were only TX, but this is an evil which is spreading like mildew all over the country. It’s like the world’s largest fungus, showing itself in a few places above the ground, while it takes over beneath.

    Lying For Jesus has become the new sport and hobby for those who wish to grab power — any kind of power — over the rest of us.

    So, according to Ms Dunbar, I (and countless others) am not a Christian? Fortunately for me, her opinion of my faith is irrelevant. She may mistake herself for the voice of God, but God does not make the same mistake.


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