Which party encourages education in Texas?

You have the tools to compare the party platforms and determine for yourself which part supports education in Texas — I mean, really supports education, as opposed to using Doublespeak to profess support while angling to get a shiv in the back of education.

You can look at the 2010 Texas Republican Party Platform here.  There are brief mentions of education in other sections, but you’ll find education starting on page 12.  Texas Democrats put education up front, on page 2 (unofficial version, but the emphasis won’t change).

Education sections of the 2010 Texas Democratic Party Platform appear immediately previous to this post, in eleven sections.

Which party is more favorable to educating our children well?

5 Responses to Which party encourages education in Texas?

  1. Eyanchapal says:

    Education for all is important. But this very problem. Belong to which the children of poor families and Admission Fee test is not able to give.

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  2. […] it to the Texas Democratic Platform (education planks only, here — rest of the platform […]


  3. James Hanley says:

    Dr. Joe is a chiropractor. ‘Nuff said. He probably believes illegal immigrants pay no taxes and receive lots of social services.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    May I presume your doctorate is not economics? The Federal Reserve Board tracks contributions to our economy by immigrants, including illegal immigrants. As a matter of fact, this work is done here in Dallas at the Dallas Fed.

    Their studies over the past 30 years show that immigrants contribute to our economy. An immigrant with a high-school diploma makes a major positive contribution, and immigrants with more education contribute much, much more. They more than pay their own way.

    A couple of studies show that the big boom of the 1990s was fueled by immigrant labor, both legal and illegal.

    Given that understanding, it is a paying proposition to educate immigrants of all stripes. The old saw works especially well here: If you think education is expensive, you should see what ignorance costs.

    I am unaware of any study that shows that illegal immigrants are an enormous, bankrupting financial burden on Texas. Do you know of such a study? Some school districts struggle with growth, but that has always been the case in our expanding economy. Texas tends to lead the nation in business development, and so new students in school districts is the norm.

    Down in Houston, there was a huge influx of students in the wakes of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and Ike. The schools adjusted, and that boosted Houston’s business boom. It turned out to be profitable for the city — but that’s probably partly the result of the wise management of Houston’s resources by then-Mayor Bill White.

    Bill White will make a great governor for Texas. He takes problems like the one you suggest, that sound like money-losers, and he turns them to the benefit of Texas.

    Maybe it’s just in the attitude. You think?


  5. Texas Democrats? isn’t that an oxymoron. I don’t have a problem educating our children but the problem is educating illegals’ children. It is bankrupting the state of Texas and the USA.


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