Michael Mann exhonerated again: E-mail thieves still at large

News from Pennsylvania State University.  The second investigation of Michael Mann, to determine whether he did not adhere to the high ethical standards of research scientists in activities revealed by e-mails stolen from East Anglia University late last year, concluded that Mann acted honorably.

Via Deltoid:

Penn State investigation concludes:

The Investigatory Committee, after careful review of all available evidence, determined that there is no substance to the allegation against Dr. Michael E. Mann, Professor, Department of Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University.

More specifically, the Investigatory Committee determined that Dr. Michael E. Mann did not engage in, nor did he participate in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research, or other scholarly activities.

The decision of the Investigatory Committee was unanimous.

The person or persons who hacked into the computers at East Anglia University remain at large.


3 Responses to Michael Mann exhonerated again: E-mail thieves still at large

  1. […] the last round revealed wrong-doing only by accomplices and friends of the thieves, and revealed no wrong-doing on the part of climate […]


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    I thought there was a lot more, beneficial stuff in the proposals on the table in Copenhagen. China especially benefited economically by getting no agreement, which allows them to legally keep sending air pollution to the U.S. (yes, it floats across the Pacific). There can be no tax scheme proposed by the U.N., so I’m still curious about where anyone gets the idea that such a scheme was proposed.

    We’re still way behind the eight-ball in getting a grip on emissions that now cause dramatic, harmful climate change, and could cause runaway warming. (Probably not as bad as Venus, but even a few degrees would spell much catastrophe.)


  3. opit says:

    Funny. I had just been harkening back to your old post on ‘Bogus History’ and checking the thread. You asked a question I never answered. What was I up to and where was the statement. I tend to muddle up explanations, I notice, but http://my.opera.com/oldephartte/about/ is where it is. Index is on the Links page.
    The thing has tended to grow as I monitor newsboards on social networks, especially Care2 out of Australia.
    But the climate thing I ignored for ages…and finally agreed with nobody’s politics. Scientists were another matter- when you talk to them directly and not promotions. Huh ?
    As in politics, a false choice is proposed. For instance, both the Democratic Party and Republican Party go to war. The GOP whoop and holler their ‘team spirit’ for murder while the Dems…whine and pass the funding.
    Similarly, unless you support Anthropogenic ( Manmade ) Global Warming ( rebranded Climate Change rather like the Evolutionists pushing Intelligent Design )…why you are a ‘Denier.’
    I couldn’t beat that with Roman Catholic categorizing nonbelievers as Atheist and Agnostic while ignoring the Pagans who outnumber them !
    The industrial base desperately debunking manmade warming concentrate on the nonsense handed them to the detriment of intelligent evaluation. That rather reminds one of McCain’s campaign. If he wanted to lose he chose Palin !
    It’s all politics. In Copenhagen the Danes blew the whistle on a planned substitution of UN position papers that would have given polluting nations a tax break in a scheme to run a Global Tax on Fire. That’s good. The people with the money get a break while the Third World gets the screws again while trying to stay warm. Not that I have more sympathy for those who ignore resource depletion and pollution – check out Sourcewatch on coal ash dangers – to let things go on as before.
    Water pollution is a bugaboo in Water – Wealth & Power

    Again, the ‘climate’ articles I have collected show more of the staged opposition than actual fresh thought, but that’s the nature of the beast.


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