Typewriter of the moment: Tina Fey

Tina Fey mocks her writing chops

Tina Fey mocks her writing chops (can someone find the origin of this photo? Bust Magazine? Really?)

Tina Fey at her typewriter — an inspiration to writers everywhere.

Tip of the old typewriter scrub brush to Mass Games.


Update: Um, wow, yeah, it’s Bust Magazine.  And, focusing on typewriters and otherwise cloistered in secondary education, I had missed the controversy.  You might do well to check out Shapely Prose.  Also here.  And Jezebel has something to say, too.

Why does no one worry about the typewriter?

2 Responses to Typewriter of the moment: Tina Fey

  1. george.w says:

    Funny – this week one of the other experience-advantaged staff members in the office and I were teasing a younger staffer; if the Internet ever goes away, we’ll be in demand! We know how to use a typewriter and a slide rule! However if Tina Fey wants to come give lessons, I’ll quickly forget I know how.


  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Thank you for the photo, Ed. I have always admired Tina Fey. Now, I’ve one more reason to. With the added bonus of giving me something to think about when my wife is talking to me…

    ::: runs :::


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