Waist deep in Wichita Falls

Those falls at the end?  They’re artificial.  Residents of Wichita Falls got tired of explaining what happened to the falls, and built artificial falls over a decade ago.

The unveiling of the falls was a big event — NBC’s Willard Scott covered the story, which shows you how big the event was, and how long ago it was.

I’ve eaten barbecue at the Bar-L Drive In, under the wise tutelage of Joe Tom Hutchison.  It was lunch, though, so we did not sample the Red Draw.

This short film, by Daniel Holoubek, was an entry in Texas Monthly’s “Where I’m From” Short Film Contest.  Amazingly, it did not win.  “Beaumont Stinks” took the Grand Prize.

Texas is that big, and that unique.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Mary Almanza.

2 Responses to Waist deep in Wichita Falls

  1. Mary says:

    As I’ve said before, Wichita Falls is not a bad place to have been from, especially if you like to play pool and drink red draws. It’s a shame the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate or even know what a red draw is…and the coldest and best are made in Wichita Falls and most especially at Bar-L.


  2. Well, I’m with you on this one, too.

    Many years ago I had a project at work that required me to fly all over this part of Texas, into Louisiana, and then over into the Beltway. I was very surprised at what spots turned out to be my favorites. Toss-up between Ta Falls, San Antonio and maybe Alexandria, Louisiana.

    Ta Falls is the bomb.


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