Penn and Teller decimate anti-vaccination arguments

Should you allow your kids to be vaccinated, or are you worried about autism?

Penn and Teller lay out the facts.  Warning:  Profanity (well deserved, but profane, all the same):

Tip of the old scrub brush to DrJohnSea.

4 Responses to Penn and Teller decimate anti-vaccination arguments

  1. All those bubblehead celebs who agitated against vaccination over the past ten years ought to be publicly bastinadoed.


  2. jre says:

    Haven’t watched it yet, but am sure I’ll enjoy it.

    P&T could have retained more of my respect if they’d been willing to challenge their libertarian preconceptions where the facts were clearly against them DDT and climate spring to mind, but the best example was their interview with Mary RoshJohn Lott on gun control.

    Nevertheless, props to P&T for fighting the good fight on vaccination. For a first-hand version of what a good journalist is up against, see Amy Wallace’s account of getting sued by an anti-vaccinationist.


  3. karl says:

    Penn and Teller tend to be a little too libertarian in their politics for my taste, and they’ve been flat out wrong on certain things (e.g. Bring back DDT!), but I’m with them 100% on this one!


  4. Amelia says:

    Sir, there are no words.


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