George Jetson come true? Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh

Next time somebody asks ‘where’s my flying car?” you can show them this.

Steve Saint of I-TEC drove his road-legal flying car from Florida to Oshkosh this summer. Since then the FAA has also issued the Maverick a S-LSA aircraft airworthiness certificate. I-TEC hopes to be in production by EAA Oshkosh 2011.

[Because it comes with built-in autoplay from the Experimental Aircraft Association, it’s below the fold.]


Vodpod videos no longer available.

George Jetson come true? Maverick Flying Car a…, posted with vodpod

2 Responses to George Jetson come true? Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh

  1. Pangolin says:

    That’s a nice toy but not suitable for the purpose the inventer is promoting it for. Parasails are strictly fair weather, low-wind aircraft and weather conditions with wind or turbulent air can make them death traps.

    Fly into turbulent air or downward wind shear in that thing and you could find yourself with no wing at all and your hanger lines wrapped in the prop. You’d get just enough time for the classic pilot’s last words…. “oh sh_”


  2. chamblee54 says:

    This is on auto start.
    Auto Start is the most obnoxious feature on the internet.
    Please, either disable this feature, or take the video down. You can always provide a link to see the video.


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