Are Trump and the birthers hypocrites? Racists?

You will love this post from Day Riffer:

Looks Like Trump’s Right: How the Hell Did This President Get Into Those Ivy League Schools?


– “The dean looked over Barack’s transcript and college boards and then suggested in a kindly way that he apply to some less competitive colleges in addition to Columbia.”

– “There were no class rankings at his high school, but Barack never made honor roll even one term, unlike 110 boys in his class.”

– “His SAT scores were 566 for the verbal part and 640 for math. Those were far below the median scores for students admitted to his class at Columbia: 668 verbal and 718 math.”

– “At Columbia, Barack Obama distinguished himself primarily as a hard partier, and he managed to be detained by police twice during his university years: once for stealing a Christmas wreath as a fraternity prank and once for trying to tear down the goalposts during a football game at Princeton.”

– “Obama’s transcript at Columbia shows that he was a solid C student. Although a history major, he sampled widely in the social sciences and did poorly in political science and economics while achieving some of his best grades (the equivalent of a B+) in philosophy and anthropology. The transcript indicates that in Obama’s freshman year, the only year for which rankings were available, he was in the twenty-first percentile of his class—meaning that four-fifths of the students were above him. Yet at the same time that he was earning Cs at Columbia, Obama displayed a formidable intelligence in another way. At his induction into the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity, he and others were asked to name all fifty-four pledges in the room. Most were were able to name only five or six. When it was Obama’s turn, he named every single one. Later he rose to become president of DKE, and he was also tapped into Skull and Bones, an elite secret society to which his father had also belonged.”

And then he somehow got into Harvard for graduate school.

Oh, wait.

My bad.

I made a mistake.

Please replace the reference to “high school” with “Andover.”

Please replace “Columbia” with “Yale.”

Please replace “Barack Obama” with “George W. Bush.”



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Tip of the old scrub brush to Kenny, back from China and “digging deep” in his new studies.

12 Responses to Are Trump and the birthers hypocrites? Racists?

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  2. Nick K says:

    Because I figured I’d leave some for you to bring up, Ed :P


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Gee, Nick — why do you ignore Chester Alan Arthur, whose father was a citizen of Ireland, and who may not have been born in the U.S.; and the case of Donald Trump, whose mother was not a U.S. citizen?


  4. Nick K says:

    So George Romney, father of Mitt Romney, once ran for President of the United States.

    Despite the fact that he was born in Mexico.

    So, Morgan, you can find examples of “birtherism” against him right?

    So lets see…the Republicans nearly nominate a white guy born in Mexico to run for President in 1968…they do nominate a white guy born in Panama to run for President in 2008….but at least half of them insist that the black guy born in Hawaii to a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya isn’t a natural born citizen and therefor is disqualified from being President…..

    And the right wing wants to insist that none of birtherism isn’t racist at its heart?

    If its not the color of their skin then what is the difference between George Romney, John McCain and Barack Obama?


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    At Kirk’s website he strikes on a kernal of an argument:

    I don’t believe all the birthers are racists to begin with. I think it’s an inherently racist argument, however, especially based on the claim that Obama’s father was a Brit (why not Trump’s mother? Tu quoque?).

    But the traction the argument got was almost entirely among groups whose once-latent racism blossomed upon Obama’s inauguration. Back in 2008 it may have been a relatively tiny band of conspiracy nuts; today, not so much.


  6. Jim says:

    Good morning, Kirk!

    Thank you for asking for some substantiation for the question of racism. I suppose the old adage that the simplest explanation is mostly likely is insufficient.

    Perhaps you could help us through this muddle by enumerating some alternate possibilities? Okay. Let’s assume President Obama’s race has nothing to do with it.

    Why then?

    What else would prompt someone to quote “knowledgeable, authoritative sources” (sources, btw, that the claimant refuses to name) in intimating that Barack Obama had his Ivy League education and his Presidency of the Harvard Law Review handed to him on a silver platter because he was black?

    Let’s bear in mind that the man making the claim refers to African-Americans as “the blacks” and is fond of whipping out lovely old chestnuts to prove his lack of racial bias like — “Some of my dearest friends are blacks”. That one’s a winner in my family, though not quite as much as the cherished, “Of course, I have always said there are SOME good ones.”

    Perhaps Mr. Trump just brings it up because he worked so hard himself as a scholar and a businessman…and because his children have so distinguished themselves academically…and he just wants to make sure that this President has done so too. This, of course, would require that Mr. Trump demonstrate some interest in the merit-based ascendency of prior Presidents, too. Or, failing that, that he might at least NOW demonstrate that sort of integrity.

    What say you, Kirk? Oh. And since Trump counts Tea Partiers among his most adoring acolytes, how do you suppose he regards the racist statements of so many (thankfully, not all) Tea Party demonstrators during the “Late Unpleasantness”?

    Have at it!



  7. Ed Darrell says:

    Why raise the specter of “racism” in your headline, then do NOTHING to substantiate it?

    Yeah, Kirk, as we see from the story, birthers went after W with the same alacrity they go after Obama, right?

    They pretend to have missed the headlines in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times about the first black to be president of the Harvard Law Review. They pretend to have missed all the other stories about Obama’s outstanding achievements as an African American. No racism there, right? Just plug-ugly stupidity, right?


  8. Nick K says:

    Oh i forgot one thing.

    200+ years of history, 44 Presidents. And never in 200 years has there been such a craze going on about where the President was born…until the first black President.

    Yeah…no racism there. none at all.


  9. Nick K says:

    Well, tell us Kirk, were Trump and his fellow conservatives having a fit over George H Bush buying his son into the Ivy League?

    You don’t exactly become President of Harvard Law review if you don’t actually earn it.

    And you can point out where Trump and the other birthers went after John McCain for being born in Panama and “not an real American” right? You can show where the birthers are demanding the birth certificates of all the white candidates and potential candidates for President right?


  10. Why raise the specter of “racism” in your headline, then do NOTHING to substantiate it?


  11. […] this is funny; here is how it starts out: Looks Like Trump’s Right: How the Hell Did This President Get Into Those Ivy League Schools? […]


  12. blueollie says:

    But, but, but….that’s different!!! :)


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