Encore quote of the moment: Wolfgang Pauli, “not even wrong”

Talking about Tea Party and Republican economics in the next few months?  You’ll need to have Wolfgang Pauli’s wisdom at your fingertips:

Wolfgang Pauli, circa 1945 - Nobel Foundation photo

Wolfgang Pauli, circa 1945 – Nobel Foundation photo

That’s not right. It’s not even wrong.

Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958), as quoted by R. Peierls

From Wikipedia:

Peierls (1960) writes of Pauli, “… a friend showed him the paper of a young physicist which he suspected was not of great value but on which he wanted Pauli’s views. Pauli remarked sadly ‘That’s not right. It’s not even wrong'”. (Peierls R (1960). “Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, 1900-1958”. Biographical memoirs of fellows of the Royal Society 5: 174-92. Royal Society (Great Britain))

Pauli won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1945: ” At this stage of the development of atomic theory, Wolfgang Pauli made a decisive contribution through his discovery in 1925 of a new law of Nature, the exclusion principle or Pauli principle. The 1945 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Pauli for this discovery.”

A mostly encore post.

3 Responses to Encore quote of the moment: Wolfgang Pauli, “not even wrong”

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Hattip, you and Morgan deserve each other.

    1. Your sense of humor is gone, we know. With the Tea Party, so is their sense.

    2. Tea Party claims tax cuts make jobs. Obama okayed one of the largest tax cuts in history, and no jobs came. He should have known — Bush’s administration had the most anemic jobs growth since Herbert Hoover. Tax cuts started killing jobs early in the Bush administration, and continued to do that well into the Obama term.

    No economist other than Cap. Wrongway Peachfuzz makes that argument. Sometimes, we ought to listen to the economists, don’t you think?

    3. To close the debt, we have to increase government income. That’s the only way it’s been done in history. Our experience is that the best way to increase government income is to get the economy booming. Tax cuts have never done that by themselves. Never have tax cuts helped get us out of a recesion or depression. Never.

    4. There are a bunch of things we need to spend money on that would boost the economy in the future, and stimulate the economy now: Bridge repair, road repair, new school classrooms for the growing student population, better airports, shoring up harbors to better withstand rising sea levels and increasing storm intensity, etc., etc. NOT paying for those things now dooms the nation to rot and ruin. Out-of-work people pay less taxes and require greater government aid. Pull your head into the light of day, please.

    5. We don’t have to reduce debt as much as we need to get the economy moving. Standard and Poor is worried that the Tea Party will be able to stop the U.S. from paying its bills — Standard and Poor didn’t fear that until the idiots from the Tea Party took our credit rating hostage to pass a bill that makes it look like we’ll have to default in the future. S&P cited the political ill-will, not our ability to pay.

    6. Our total debt right now is less than our total debt at the end of World War II, when instead of pulling in our horns to pay the bills, we borrowed money to rebuild Japan, Germany, Britain, France and Italy (and other nations) creating the foundation for peace and prosperity that propelled all those nations into potent economic leadership. Instead of cutting budgets, President Eisenhower borrowed to provide huge, free education benefits to college students, to build the Interstate Highway system and dams like Glen Canyon and Flaming Gorge, and to boost primary and secondary education, boost physics and chemistry and medical research, and start a space race with the Soviets. After all that spending, our debt was greatly reduced. With all those citizens working, with all the private development and enterprise to support all those projects, tax revenues rose dramatically.

    The Tea Party’s goal of dismantling the Shining City on a Hill built by Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson is historically and economically bankrupt. It’s offensive, too.

    Get a beer or something, Hattip. Go pet a cat, or a dog. Get some perspective on life, and stop being such a crab bent on bringing America down. Arguing that we can shut down government and give tax cuts and expect a growing economy isn’t right. It’s so divorced from reality, it’s not even wrong.


  2. Hattip says:

    Good Lord, are you obtuse. 1) Using Paili’s words in a wholly different context is just a bizarre logical fallacy. If there is some connection, you have not show it.

    2) THE Tea Party people have been proved right, not wring. Have you even been listening? Are you capable it? Sure does not look that way.it. The Deal that went through congress is just a bandaid. That is what TP people have been saying since the beginning of this BS.

    We have to reduce debt. If you start raising taxes 1) the Democrats will just spend it, they will not pay down the debt, thy will inflate it away.

    2) You will cause a depressing raising taxes right now is the absolute worst thing you could do. You would understand that if yu actually lived n the real world and attempted to create wealth rather than steal it from other.

    To translate this into “The Democrats where right, let raise taxes. IS Wrong–not “not even wrong” but Wrong.

    Again, you show absolutely no intention or capacity to have a rational discussion or deal with facts or reality.

    This particular post o yours is irrational n the extreme, given that you cannot seem to support it. It s merely the logical fallacy of guilt by association.

    Typical of you


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