Whatever happened to reconsidering Columbus Day?

It was a great video, out last year:

But this year?  The website is expired. (Somebody holler if it gets renewed, please.)  Free parking at GoDaddy.com is limited, it appears.

Whatever happened to the idea that we might reconsider Columbus Day, what we celebrate, and how to celebrate wisely to honor indigenous Americans?

Do we need more material like this?


More to consider: 

2 Responses to Whatever happened to reconsidering Columbus Day?

  1. Aishah Bowron says:

    It’s a sick joke that christopher Columbus is being glorified for having no talent !. The guy nowhere near the continental mass of North America. He was lost in the Caribbean looking for the East Indies where he thought he was. Even worse he was a brutal genocidal murderer and slave trafficker who enslaved, killed and butchered Native Americans and stole their lands and gold !. So abolish Columbus Day !. End it now !.


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