Sherffius cartoons from the mount

Mount Rushmore, that is:

John Sherffius cartoon, 11-1-2011, Mt. Rushmore advice

John Sherffius, Boulder Camera, November 1, 2011

Is John Sherffius channeling Mount Rushmore?  What do you think?

To understand political cartoons, one needs to understand the iconography used in them.  Certainly Mount Rushmore and the four presidents it portrays is one of the more powerful icons in the United States, a Great Depression-era monumental sculpting project, the genius of Gutzon Borglum writ very, very large, and now a part of the National Park System, as a National Memorial in South Dakota, one of our smallest states in population, and one of the last frontier states in America.

I don’t have a favorite — there are too many good versions, in cartoons, in parody, as patriotic symbol, as a backdrop for Hitchcock movies,  and as a representation of the heritage of Chicago blues, among others.  What is your favorite use of the Mt. Rushmore icon, or your favorite photo of the carvings?  Give us a link in comments, please.

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