Once more: Where do I sign the petition? Ronald Reagan Memorial National Debt

Newt Gingrich is still whining about national debt, as if there were no one out of work, as if the economy were humming along fine, and as if we wouldn’t have a better chance at balancing the budget and reducing the debt with a stimulated economy?

Maybe it’s time we start asking the real serious questions, again:

Where do I sign the petition? Ronald Reagan Memorial National Debt.

Or, we could name the George W. Bush Wing of the Ronald Reagan Memorial National Debt.

Could we do that properly, while decreasing the debt ceiling?

(When you read that article, please note carefully what is the most expensive government building ever built.)

9 Responses to Once more: Where do I sign the petition? Ronald Reagan Memorial National Debt

  1. Ellie says:

    My lips are sealed, but you can always email me if you really want to know.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Very Large Wild Coho.
    Very Large Wing of Chicken.
    Visual LED Weather Cathode-ray.
    Very Large Water Closet (Water Closets of the Rich and Famous!).
    Virtual Life Watering Can.

    I think one could establish a ratio to determine when jargonized acronyms indicate insanity. Most crazy people use them a lot, assuming that everyone knows what they mean, or failing to understand them at all themselves, thinking it’s a way to mask ignorance and insecurity.

    My wife used to work in computer support for the U.S. Senate. The mainframes were miles away, and to keep things flowing smoothly, along the path to the main frames were computers used to buffer data, called “satellite nodes,” or SNs. One of the clients called to ask why the system was down and got an explanation about an SN being down. “What’s an SN?” “Satellite nodes.” “You know, they launched the space shuttle last week, and I’ve noticed that whenever they do that, the computer system seems to have trouble. Do you think that the Shuttle runs into those satellites?”

    Sometimes it’s just best not to know what kind of crazy is hidden behind a cryptic acronym.

    Ellie, you know? Don’t tell me.


  3. Let me know, Indy, when you’re going to whine about all the multitrillionn that Bush used to pay off his cronies on Wall Street, in the military industrial complex and all the other overly rich parasites that bought him the Presidency twice.

    At least Obama saved jobs. Which is more than you can say about Bush or any other Republican as of late.


  4. Ellie says:

    Vermont Livable Wage Campaign?

    Actually, I know, but I like the above better.


  5. Jim says:

    What am I missing? VLCW media?



  6. Ed Darrell says:

    If you have a point, make it. If you have a valid claim, document it. Hint: If you’re looking for history on the internet, you’ll get farther looking for Tip O’Neill, with the proper spelling. You’ll get farther in persuading people to your view if you stick to the facts, without great, false embellishment.

    Please don’t propose great rewrites of the real history.

    Indy implicitly claims David Obey’s account to be in error (not sure s/he knows how to make the claim explicitly). We’re all from Missouri on this. Show me.

    (Indy, did you bother to click through to the earlier post?)


  7. Indycon Antidim says:

    You gotta a lotta strivin’ to do, Lucy, if this crap is any example of your take on history.


  8. Indycon Antidim says:

    Hey history buffs, ever heard of Tip O’Niell and 40 years of dim hegemony, robbing Social Security,et al?


  9. Indycon Antidim says:

    Are you kidding me? Oblaba paid off his union cronies with almost a trillion and you have the gall to talk about Reagan.

    You’ve really been sucked in by the VLWC media.

    Oh wait, you’re a VLWC wannabe


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