Typewriter of the moment: Tom Hanks’s 1969 Royal Apollo 10 Electric

Some indications on Twitter that actor Tom Hanks may be turning into a collector of these historic items:

Typewriter - Tom Hanks Royal Apollo 10 1969 - Photo by Tom Hanks at WhoSay

Tom Hanks found a vintage 1969 typewriter (circa Apollo 13 mission), a Royal Apollo 10, and Tweeted this picture - Photo by Tom Hanks at WhoSay

In his Tweet, captured at WhoSay, Hanks wrote:

Typewriter of the day. Royal ‘Apollo 10’ model from 1969. Electric that got us to the moon! It’s noisy but types fine. Hanx

Do you think there’s a movie about typewriters coming?

Confess, Dear Reader — are you taken in by the magic, charm and dinging carriage-return bell of these old typewriters?  Do you remember the machine you used to use?  Do you still use a typewriter?  Minds soaking in the Bathtub want to know.

Grateful tip of the old scrub brush to Judy Crook @Jude2004.

4 Responses to Typewriter of the moment: Tom Hanks’s 1969 Royal Apollo 10 Electric

  1. Sarah says:

    Long story short i was at a flea market and got a 1969 almost mint Apollo 10 for $13 with manual. i didn’t know what i bought until i got home, now i think it is the coolest thing in the world.


  2. David salas says:

    Looking for a user manual for my apollo 10 electric typewriter, please if anyone can help I appreciate it. Thank you


  3. Rob Bowker says:

    “Do you think there’s a movie about typewriters coming?” Absolutely. It is in post production right now. I don’t think Hanx is in it, but you can watch trailer here: http://typewritermovie.com/


  4. Porlock Junior says:

    I used one till two or three years ago to fill out long forms (taxes, anyone?) that I ought not to try to prepare with my rather exceptional handwriting. Finally I wrote a program called Solid State Typewriter (*) if only to prove that I can still put together a really serious kludge: it plugs Excel data into a form that has been provided in PDF (actually, into PostScript that it has been expanded into) and makes a printable file with the data filled in. In Courier font, of course. One depends, of course, on the fact that the forms don’t change much from year to year, so it’s feasible to update the formatting data.

    (*) There must be few ancient survivors who remember the very first word processor for personal computers, Electric Pencil.


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