Milestones: 4,500 posts

4,500 posts here? Where else is “4500” notable? Look at this beautiful, vintage computer from 1986, a National FS-4500: This MSX 2 computer was marketed as a wordprocessor system, and indeed it is! It has a big 24 dots thermal printer built-in, wordprocessor software (Word Processor, MSX Sentence Paragraph Exchanger, Dictionary, MSX Address Book, Name Card and MSX JE 1 & 2). Impressive. It was available in black or white case. Image and caption from

Just passed 4,500 posts here at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.  Closing in on 4 million views.

If I had a nickel for every post, or a penny for every view . . .

4,500 is a good number, for posts for a blog named after a hoax perpetrated about the obscurity of our 13th president.

Any other significance to the number 4,500?

Dodge Ram 4500

Dodge Ram 4500, at Chrysler’s Saltillo Plant, Saltillo, Mexico.

6 Responses to Milestones: 4,500 posts

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  2. jsojourner says:


    I am sure that will confirm suspicions in many minds! :-)

    Good luck!



  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Thanks, Jim. I look forward to your posts as islands in this sea of insanity.

    Easter season can be frantic for church activists. It’s calmer here since Kathryn started singing with a different choir (whose concerts were Thursday and Friday, close but not so bad . . .). Blessed Palm Sunday? We’re rehearsing for Thursday, a playlet about the last repast in the Upper Room. I get to play some guy named Iscariot.


  4. jsojourner says:


    You know full well that Leatherface is real. After leaving Texas, he became a community organizer in Chicago.

    ::: runs :::

    On a serious note, thanks for all you do. Not just in terms of setting the record straight about things like climate, DDT and various urban legends. But as touching your service in government, in scouting and as a classroom teacher.

    I’m proud you’re my friend.

    A blessed Palm Sunday, pal…



  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Since 2006, according to the archives.

    Among the searches that push the blog, for a long time was “political cartoons” and one that won the Ranan Lurie-UN prize, on the plight of poor Africans being ignored. These days, poetry is the day-in, day-out search winner, with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre not too far behind.

    Go figure.


  6. marksackler says:

    Wow. How long have you been doing this? It must be that great name coming up in the search engines…:)


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