What would a real man do? Samantha Stendal’s brilliant, short video

From Samantha Stendal, a film student at the University of Oregon, a brilliant film reaction to the Steubenville, Ohio rape and trials.

Samantha Stendal, filmmaker at the University of Oregon

Samantha Stendal, University of Oregon


3 Responses to What would a real man do? Samantha Stendal’s brilliant, short video

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I discovered back in the day that it wasn’t really that women liked pacifists more than war-mongers (think Vietnam), but that most pacifists are extremely polite, and women respond really well to men who are polite and respectful.

    Then I read Feynman’s memoir, in which he explained his sure-fire methods for getting women to go home with him.

    Turns out polite and well-read beats rude and ignorant every day, and most nights.


  2. jsojourner says:

    Real men do not hit, abuse, molest or neglect women or children. Ever.


  3. LadyRhian says:

    Yes. Why spend all the time telling girls how to act so that they don’t get in a position to be raped, and just teach boys what rape is and how they shouldn’t do it? Don’t have sex with people under the influence of any drug, including alcohol. If they don’t say no (or can’t say no) this does not count as a “yes”. Don’t have sex if you are under the influence of any drugs. Ask permission first, and if the answer is anything other than an enthusiastic “YES!”, refrain. Listen to the big head, not the one hanging between your legs.


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