This guy is really lit! So are his bagpipes!

From the voting festivities in Scotland today, a very graphic demonstration of why one should never, never, never drink and play bagpipes.

From Twitter, Wall Street Journal's account:  Photos: Scotland votes in independence referendum |

From Twitter, Wall Street Journal’s account: Photos: Scotland votes in independence referendum |

In every other way, this vote should be closely watched.  Two nations pushed together by force of arms hundreds of years ago, discussing whether and how to split up.  No guns.  No tanks.  Lots of discussion, lots of fun, lots of ballots.  97% of eligible voters registered to vote, and indications are at least 90% of them turned out.

Can you imagine what would happen in U.S. elections if 90% of registered voters showed up at the polls, instead of 40%, or 30%?  Can you imagine if 97% of U.S. eligible voters bothered to register, instead of the less-than-50% we have now?

You bagpipes would flame, too.

2 Responses to This guy is really lit! So are his bagpipes!

  1. Mike says:

    Scotland and England weren’t pushed together by force of arms, Ed. It was a personal union of thrones.


  2. onkelbob says:

    I air my dirty laundry: I am no longer registered. I effectively stopped voting decades ago because I consider the Republican and Democratic parties to be criminal syndicates, and I don’t support gangsters. So I voted for an eclectic mix of Greens and Libertarians when I resided in Lotus land. However, since I moved to Kolkata on the Hudson, I never bothered to register since the third parties often include the gangsters into their ballots.
    Want to improve the situation? Force redistricting to be based on geographic principles, not political ones. Expand the districts to include 2 -12 representatives, and institute proportional ballots. And last but not least, put None Of The Above on the ballot. Let the state get rid of their Senator from Wall Street without having to fight the party machinery
    Oh and a few (hundred) politicians brought up on RICO charges would do wonders to bring in some confidence in the system. Let’s lease Devil’s Island from the French to house them there too.


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