Chess games of the rich and famous: John Wayne, “The Longest Day”

Chess games used to play a big role in Hollywood movies — behind the scenes, usually. Cast members and crew on films often kept games going in the long down-times required in movie making, while lights were set up, sound issues were worked out, weather conditions changed, or other actors filmed scenes without those at the chess board.

John Wayne may be the most-photographed movie star at chess boards. He loved to play, and he played with anyone good on the sets of many of his films.

Here is a still photo of Wayne and two other actors, on location in France while filming the 1962 film, “The Longest Day.”

John Wayne and two other actors (who are they?) on location for

John Wayne and two other actors (who are they? Jeffrey Hunter in the middle? Stuart Whitman on the right?) on location for “The Longest Day,” playing chess between scenes. Image from




One Response to Chess games of the rich and famous: John Wayne, “The Longest Day”

  1. cheekos says:

    Well, don’t you have to actually know how to play chess–in order to do so? Nowadays, most movies vie for box-office revenue with washed-up actors and actresses, special effects and car chases–without a talented director, a decent script, a cohesive supporting script or a raison d’être. Making money is the name of today’s game, not capturing the opponent’s King.


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