Eclipse 2017 lessons: Use a tripod!

Many lessons of chasing the eclipse for us first-timers. Months ago we decided not to make major purchases to photograph the thing, to just enjoy the experience.

Still, we had inexpensive filters, and we photographed. Main tripod left in Dallas to avoid paying a lot extra to fly; a borrowed tripod held the GoPro (which was a poor choice; gotta work on that for time-lapse). So the best photos I got were hand-held.

And fuzzy as a result, I think.

Totality of the 2017 solar eclipse, near Casper, Wyoming, on the North Platte River. Photo by Ed Darrell.

Totality of the 2017 solar eclipse, near Casper, Wyoming, on the North Platte River.

The most interesting thing to me was the brilliant red beads during totality, where (if I recall correctly) the Sun peeks through the mountains of the Moon. I did get a couple shots to show that.

Totality and red beads, photo by Ed Darrell

Totality and red beads of the 2017 solar eclipse.


Photographs to remind us of the great experience of joining millions of other people to watch a spectacular astronomical event, brought to us by science.

Did anyone at your house go blind? Ready for 2024?

Did you stay at home for the eclipse? Did you travel? What did you see and hear?


4 Responses to Eclipse 2017 lessons: Use a tripod!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Apparently also need a camera to take 46 bracketing shots, and software to compile them.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Good luck with Hurricane Harvey. We’re not sure how it’s going to affect Dallas, yet. If you have to evacuate to the north, holler!


  3. We stayed home, as we were in the path of totality, and we watched from our back deck. (I heard that the beads you saw are called Bailey’s Beads.) The only photos I took were of the shadows on the deck and the walkway.


  4. Impressive photos! Thanks for sharing the experience. I stayed home without glasses to view it here on the Gulf Coast at 60%. The colors seemed to be a different color and it seemed a bit cooler. I watched some on TV and it was encouraging to see Earthlings out together focused on something we all share – the Sun and Moon. We were not divided for a change! If I am around in 2024 I will have glasses to watch as it comes over Texas. I enjoyed the photos you posted on Twitter. At present I am watching the skies as Hurricane Harvey is headed our way. We will roll the shutters down and stay put. May all be safe!


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