Rare/Alternative Christmas music: Macy Gray’s call for social justice


Cover sleeve for Macy Gray's

Cover sleeve for Macy Gray’s “All I Want for Christmas.” Amazon image

This one speaks for itself, I think. From experience, I can tell you that playing this song can weed out the Trump supporters in your party attendance rather quickly.

Oddly, I think, it also brings out the dangerous elements of American society to complain about it, judging by comments at the site (go see; there are a lot more):

Grotesque comments at YouTube on Macy Gray's Christmas wishes.

Grotesque comments at YouTube on Macy Gray’s Christmas wishes.

Those thought zombies walk among us. Our cross to bear.

Gray didn’t include it on any album I’ve found.



9 Responses to Rare/Alternative Christmas music: Macy Gray’s call for social justice

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s only an indication that you don’t know what you claim to talk about, nothing more. Gore’s fortune is built almost entirely from large corporations like Google and Apple exploiting his knowledge and savvy advice on technical issues you try to ridicule Gore for not knowing.

    Fun to watch Gore make money off of your ignorant use of his work. At least the profits go to a good cause, in his case.


  2. Jim Jones says:

    LOL …. you win Steve Jobs owed it all to Al Gore. I stand corrected I will take Al Gore seriously. And thank god they only lost Steve Jobs , while Al Gore is still there….hand on the tiller


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Steve Jobs?

    You know he took advantage of listening to Al Gore, put Gore on the board of directors at Apple. Maybe you could work to be as wise as Steve Jobs, and listen to Al Gore.

    “Former Vice President Al Gore Joins Apple’s Board of Directors,” March 19, 2003


  4. Jim Jones says:

    1. Did we see the same movie? – ok Potterville. I used to watch Charlie Brown every Christmas , it was, in part, a comment on the commercialisation of Christmas. We now have Macy Gray positing Hillary as santa. We now have the politicising of Christmas and its traditions. That is my complaint….remedy- listen to Linus.

    2.”Wise people always listen to Al Gore” …..now which logical fallacy is this…mmh. Yes thank you politician Gore who helped privatise the internet, but does regulatory expertise really transfer across to other disparate fields ( they might think they are qualified- hello Dunning and Kruger). And if you make scary movies that purport to be facts and advocate societal change expands government into every facet on ones life- plus make millions from it – a serious person would be down in the culture war trenches arguing solutions and trying to convince people of the “greatest moral dilemma facing mankind”..except he’s not, he runs and hides from debate – he into the money.

    You conflate his achievements with real heroes- I’m a Steve Jobs – Elon Musk sort of guy


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    I guess if you put this track on at a Xmas party, you aren’t really wanting to celebrate the true spirit of christmas …. and really , I should take Al Gore seriously?

    Similarly, if one plays Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” one is not really willing to celebrate the true Scrooginess of Christmas, unwilling to send poor to the workhouses and prisons just because it’s Christmas.

    Wise people always listen to Al Gore. You use the internet, you use Apple devices or GUI, you use Google or other information-finding applications, you don’t have toxic wastes buried in your backyard, you owe him big time.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    There’s a World Cup for Christmas Songs? Was Irving Berlin even entered?


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    Only if you’re a real human.


  8. Jim Jones says:

    I guess if you put this track on at a Xmas party, you aren’t really wanting to celebrate the true spirit of christmas …. and really , I should take Al Gore seriously?


  9. Oh, yes, it would not make his supporters happy! Another alternative Christmas song and very timely, Thanks for sharing!


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