Good thing it’s in German!

Cover of Germany's Der Spiegel, May 12, 2018, after President Donald Trump announced U.S. would no longer participate in nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran.

Cover of Germany’s Der Spiegel, May 12, 2018, after President Donald Trump announced U.S. would no longer participate in nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran.

But don’t judge a magazine by its cover. Go read the article, and more, at the magazine’s English language site:

Exit from Iran Deal

Trump Strikes a Deep Blow to Trans-Atlantic Ties

With his decision to blow up the Iran deal, U.S. President Donald Trump has thrown Europe into uncertainty and anxiety — and raised the specter of a new war in the Middle East. One thing is certain: the trans-Atlantic relationship has been seriously damaged

Brian Klaas also suggests Putin is eating Trump’s lunch and whipping U.S. silly in international war for hearts and minds.

Read this Der Spiegel editorial from Germany. America’s closest allies have lost faith in the United States because of Trump’s bullying & disrespect. Putin’s biggest foreign policy goal has been achieved: to weaken the West by splintering the NATO alliance

Do you think it’s that bad? What can we do about it? Comments are open.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Brian Klaas on Twitter.


4 Responses to Good thing it’s in German!

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Germany is in range of Iran’s missiles. Were you old enough, you might remember Germany is often the target of terrorism, including terrorism sponsored by Iran in the past. Peace works better than bellicosity, Germany realized.

    Some nations appear to have forgotten that.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Allan says:

    Yes the good Germans aren’t being called the ” great satan” and being regularly threatened with death. In fact Iran is a good little earner for the Europeans. And not whats to hate: they and Iran get to profit as Iran gets the bomb and the delivery system…..eventually. Meanwhile do the billions in ransom payments and withheld funds due to relaxed sanctions flow to the citizens of Iran? Nope …they suffer as always in the fascist theocracy as Iran funds its expansionism and proto empire.

    Trump knows that sometimes NO deal is better than any deal. Something that smuck Obama didnt get.


  4. It is good to get the view of the US from other countries. Thanks for the links! Just came back today to read the articles.


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