April 25, 2019, is World Malaria Day

World Health Organization (WHO) designates April 25 as World Malaria Day, every year. One day dedicated to education about malaria, in hopes that knowledge will spur organization and action to fight the disease.

As with many years this century, the biggest problem facing malaria fighters is lack of attention from industrialized nations who once promised to fund the fight to the end, but have since lost interest. President Donald Trump’s budget proposes to cut U.S. contributions to fighting malaria, for example, rather than finishing off the disease.

CDC infographic explaining the fight against malaria in 2019.

What do you need to know about malaria to get you to call your Congressional representatives and urge them to make sure funding continues at full strength?

Here are Tweets from interested organizations and people, to help you out. Notice that no major malaria fighting organization wants more DDT to help out. DDT is one tool in a concentrated and coordinated campaign, but DDT is largely ineffective any more.

This one is a little bit inaccurate. The world’s deadliest animal is the malaria parasite; mosquitoes are just the vector of transmission.

If you’ve been stirred to action, today would be a good day to send $10 to Nothing But Nets, a great charity that gets free insecticide-treated bednets to people who need protection from malaria-carrying mosquitoes; one net saves one child from malaria, you can pretty well count on. Click here to donate to Nothing But Nets.

2 Responses to April 25, 2019, is World Malaria Day

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  2. Ellie says:

    Off to donate to Nothing But Nets. Thanks for the reminder.


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