Day lilies

They come for but one day.

If one plants enough bulbs, the visits come every day, ephemeral as each visit is.

3 Responses to Day lilies

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    We’ve got some doubles, but they’re not blooming yet. Maybe won’t bloom this year since Kathryn moved a lot of them last year.

    Sunlight through the oak tree Kathryn’s father planted in 1980, now a yard in diameter and 60 feet tall. Honestly, it’s difficult to get my iPhone to do those stark contrasty photos (I have difficulty with the Pentax K10, too . . . it was always a cinch with film). This time, the photo just worked.


  2. Ellie says:

    That was beautiful. I love day lilies, and one of the things I miss about no longer having a garden, are all my lilies, including some double orange day lilies started from plants from my “other” grandmother’s yard, 50 years ago. Red, yellow, orange, pink, white…lilies are lovely.

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  3. Excellent photo – the light highlights them just right! Day lilies are some of my favorites but always in a yard other than my own as I don’t have any. Cheers!

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