Signs of life: Traffic trouble with squirrels

Red Squirrels Drive slowly sign, probably in Britian
“Red Squirrels Drive slowly” sign, probably in Britain

Why are they even allowed to drive at all?

Tip of the old scrub brush to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff (Texas).

3 Responses to Signs of life: Traffic trouble with squirrels

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Hey, Ed’s a Halfwit (we share part of our first names!), perhaps you could explain your post. Tell us how you’re defending a guy calling another guy a crook, and how you think that’s fine and legal despite the possibility it’s libelous. Tell us how you didn’t know that such talk justifies a punch in the nose in Texas (“fighting words”), and where you practice law so we can hit you up for legal advice.

    I don’t practice now. It’s always amusing when self-admitted half-wits claim to know everything, but know nothing.

    One thing you might want to work on is finding appropriate threads for your comments. Your post puts squarely in the subject matter for this post:

    Or maybe here, where the topic was an actual libel suit (were you the plaintiff?):

    Or here, where we find out how real scoundrels abuse libel laws in England, but can still lose:

    Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Ed's a halfwit (at best) says:

    Ed, your recent twitter lawyering is an embarrassment to the state bar of Texas. In case anyone else chances across this idiot’s blog, he is a great example of just how dumb a white guy has to be to vote for the Democrats these days.


  3. Perhaps a comma after the word squirrels would have helped.

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